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Hider or Seeker?

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I was attracted to Geocaching because I have always loved the idea of treasure hunting; and I love secrets. I realise that without hiders there can't be seekers BUT, as yet, I have no desire to be a seeker. I love the hunt too much and I am totally grateful to the hiders.


Even if you do both, which do you secretly prefer? Would you define yourself at heart as a hider or a seeker and why?

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I am new at this game, but I have found out that I much prefer the hiding part to the seeking, at least so far.

I have tried to attract cachers to the erea and to existing caches that deserve to get more traffic, so far it seems to worked out fairly well.

I do not plan where to put my caches, I always carry 1 or 2 ready to go in my backpack and whenever I come accross a likely spot I will leave a cache there as long as there is a reason for people to go there, such as a spectacular vista.



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I am a seeker.


couldn't tell I'll bet.


I've done a couple of hides, but mainly because I think I need to keep the game going.


I'll do more, some point in time I got the idea that one should hide one cache for every hundred found, and i still think it's good statistics,


But I don't know how long I'll be doing this.


I see so many abandoned caches I hate to put many out and decide to do something else.


Is that sacreligious to say here?


I guess I can always adopt them out if need be.


I don't have the creative bent at this point that others seem to have in hides.


I did one really good one, and when I think of more I'll do them.

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I am new...so as of now and for awhile into the future, I plan to be a seeker. Still learning the aspects of the game and it's nice to see others caches to help with idea's of my future caches. I have a few spots in mind already but will wait awhile. I only have 10 finds under my belt right now and have only been hunting regular size caches to calibrate my geosense. And then I'll tackle micro's. I plan on taking it just one step at a time.

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