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*********COINTEST********* - ends 11/29/09

Team Van Stoffelen
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The judges (who can be described as me, myself and I) have come together and studied all contributions carefully. Fist of all, thank you all for the nice contributions and sharing your photo's and stories. I had a great time reading them and I hope it's the same for you.


In this cointest there is only one winner, but there are some contributions that lost, but in the eyes of the jury deserves everlasting glory. Not that that counts for a free geocoin though, but hey, it's nice to know:


• Milliballon's contribution of the youngest cacher in the family made me smile. The cache can be found, but the question is if the cacher can be found.

• Catsntfish contribution of the great Greek thinker Gatoulis. Never met him in person, but looking at the photo the ancient greeks philisophers have some great competition.

• Murphyrulez with the pumpkincacher. I sure hope that he is sure about the cache, otherwise mister and misses farmer won't be very happy.

• DJ. J. Rock for showing his daughter. Please all take a look at this topic.


But then there was a decision to make. Two contributions where battling for victory.


vbpad with the photo of his or hers passed away geocaching friend, and

team moxiepup with there exploring four-feeted friend.


Two months ago we have to put our 17 year old Jack Russell Terrier Max to sleep. So it's not so strange that these photo's appealed to me. I have decided that the winner is that photo that makes me really smile:





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Congratulations Team Moxiepup!!


I believe Gatoulis would make an excellent subject for a classical statue! :):mad:


:D:laughing::anicute: A statue???? Oh boy I will be the target for all the pigeons!!! :anicute::o:D


I am deeply honored that catsnfish choose me as one of his favorite cachers, and I thank team van stoffelen for his kind words!!! :D


Congratulations to the winner!!!!! :D

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Thank-you so much for choosing our Moxie! :laughing:


This is the first cointest we have ever won so we are very excited and thankful. Moxie was a bit leery of getting into the ammo can, but she trusts us and held her pose beautifully. Wouldn't trade any swag in the world for her though! We are very sorry to hear of the passing of Max. The hardest part of owning a dog is when it is time to say goodbye. Knowing that you are able to give them a good life while they are here is the best any of us can hope for.


We also enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures. Thanks again for the very cool cointest! :D

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WOW!!!! Where did he find that he is wearing???? WOW!!!! I want too...I want too... :D

No kiding it is so nice!!! Is someone in the army???


He's wearing camouflauge netting, also known in the US as "tank netting". It's commonly draped on tall poles so planes passing overhead can't tell what's under the netting. They used to simply toss it over tanks to conceal them. In the US you can buy tank netting in any military surplus store. I made a suit out of the stuff to play paintball in, and it works GREAT for concealment....everyone thinks you're a bush. The downside is that the netting WILL pick up every loose branch and tumbleweed on the field, and if you're playing in poison oak there's no way to get the poison oak off the netting before the next game.

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Even though I caught this after it ended (I guessed it ended at the end of the day and not the beginning), here are some photos of my friends while out caching. Looking through the photos I have posted, here is one of my buddy JadeFalcon resetting a cache we had found.



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