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Problems with Colorado 300


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I have a problem with the Colorado 300 that I did not have with my Garmin 76map.



I go to MapSource, Mark two locations, Create Route. I get a route with turn by turn, following the streets.


When I download to Garmin 76, the route is turn by torn, following the streets.


When I download to the Colorado 300, I get a line of sight, as the bird flys, route.




What am I doing wrong? Maybe a setting is set somewhere incorrect?

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Do you have routeable street maps (e.g. City Navigator) loaded on your Colorado?


The basemap does not have routing information, so if you haven't loaded a routeable map you'll only get "crow" routing.


That is exactly what Garman said when I called their Tech support.


So, I have to purchase City Navigator NT and place it on my Colorado.


Thanks one, Thanks all.

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Since you are on a geocacheing forum I would make the following suggestion.


You might want to reevaluate the decision to get CN. If Garmin has the 24K TOPO for your area I would advise that. They are routable and have the POI's that CN does but you also get the TOPO. The display is a little different than the CN but you get used to it. Plus you can put in on your computer for printouts.


I bought the CN card for my Orego but got the 24K TOPO when they came out. If you have to spend about $100 you can have the best of both worlds.

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