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coins for events?

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The Geowoodstock word requires a licensing agreement as far as I remember. If you plan to SELL anything with that word on them, you will need to pay for the use, but if you are making personal items/coins that will not be sold, then the use is free, but you still need to do the agreement...that's what I remember. i originally wanted to, and still may make a die like the one I used for Coinfest, and make it's use available to others who want to make personak coins...I'll have to look into the rules of the licensing agreement.

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Okay, I got the word on the event coins and the use of geowoodstock. All designs will need to be approved first, via the GW committee or whoever approves the design, if it's trackable, then Groundspeak will need to approve as well. Cost is free if you're giving them away, otherwise it's a buck a piece, both need approval. 100 coins = $100. Not sure if this is the norm or not, but it's reasonable since you're supporting the event in one way or another :laughing:

If you're doing something different, say stickers, there are other pricing options :)

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Since this thread says "event coins" and not just GeoWoodstock or GeocoinFest, I hope no one minds me adding information about the Allegany State Park GeoBash, held in May.


The same rules (permission for use of the name, needing to have the design okay'd by the ASPGB Committee) apply to ASPGB as well. We are legally incorporated entity with the Feds and with NY State and a not-for-profit. (And whew! The process to get this done was not easy!)

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