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Too many antennas?

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Like most Ham Radio Operators that are into other aspects of communications, I have many style antennas on my truck. Always wanting to try new things and yet not add more holes, I found a solution that will keep the holes down to a manageable level and provide a usable signal to other devices. Since getting into geocaching, I have wanted to look into other uses of my GPS unit to include APRS. Reading through a radio magazine specifically for public safety, I came across an ad for emwave inc. located in Valley View, Ohio that is a suburb of Cleveland.


The model antenna I installed onto my truck is the EM-MG11006-SP, which is a combination mount NMO/GPS Antenna Mount. It allows quick and easy hot swapping for a variety of antennas while keeping me on track for my destination via its integrated GPS module and 3/4" NMO mount. The EM-MG11006-SP is designed to provide the mobile user with flexible and reliable communications options from 30-1000 MHz while ensuring that critical data reception by their GPS module remains continuous, pure and uninterrupted.


It comes with 2 cables, one for the NMO mount and the other to the GPS Antenna. One hole yet 2 antennas! I purchased a MCX Right Angle Male Crimp connector to replace the SMA connector attached. Sure wish I found the MCX to SMA adapter at gpscentral before I did things myself!


So I mounted the whole unit, routed the cables to the radio and the area where I use my GPS on a window mount and tried it out. Right away, I noticed that all satellite signals were full scale! Even driving through the lowest of areas with much around me, I never lost a signal nor did the accuracy decrease.


After using this antenna solution on the GPS as well as on the commercial 2-way radio, I am very pleased with it and consider it an important part of my communication arsenal.



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