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aetoys.com geocoin activation codes

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Yes I purchased geocoins from Aetoys.com, I activated some let some go unregistered, now I am trying register some more and I cannot get into Aetoys, was just wondering how to get those codes so that I can put the rest of these coins out. Thank You so much..MrETurtle

This was what was determined recently. Groundspeak is working on a system to host the activation codes for the vendors that wish to have us do it. There are many vendors who ask that we not give out their activation codes under any circumstances.


The system is not ready yet and will likely be at least a few weeks. For now, please send your AEToys tracking codes to contact@Groundspeak.com and we'll get you the activation codes. Please feel free to reference my username in the email (like 'Bryan told us we could send these to you') and we'll work it out.


It is a bit of work to research these and it may take us some time to get it done, but we will get it done.


Note that we will only be supplying the codes for AE Toys codes, so, if you have a list of 50 random ones, you will need to wait for the tool because we can't really take the time to sort through a random list to try to figure out which ones we can and can't not give out.

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When you can't find an activation code, write to contact@geocaching.com and put "Activation Code Needed" in the subject matter. Include your tracking number(s), and geocoin information. Then please be patient, there are obviously a lot of emails to go through at the Lily Pad.

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