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Coin Sellers Who Do Not Deliver

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1) I do not know of any wire transfer company that won't stand behind it's sent wires, Money collected on this end and sent can be traced to who picked it up and has a signature and paper trail on the other end as well, very little to no chance of getting lost. My thought is this, the business was losing money so to save their butt they thought they could pull a fast one on everyone because almost no one uses money transfers (wires) and would assume that it could have happened.


2) Don't judge buying on a presale on a few bad eggs, most of the companies are now doing reservations which I like better but one or two are still preselling. If the company is reputable I think presale is still ok.

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Does anybody have an update on the coinswag.com saga perhaps? I was promised by Jake that all would be sorted out a couple of months ago and to date NOTHING - not that I am surprised about it as I had written that off completely. I am just curious as to whether anybody has actually received anything from him?

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