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Firefox or?


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Having a strange problem and not sure what the culprit is:


When I've posted, and the window changes to what should be the acknowledgement of the post and redirect, doesn't happen. It just goes to a blank white screen and "done" so I have to refresh the page to get it to change normally. A time or two I did notice the bar up top to "allow" FF to open the site...so figured it was a FF issue but not sure how to fix that.


Another one is the display and I'm not sure whose side it's on but the main forum page doesn't load completely (for awhile I only thought the forum went down to geocaching hitchhiker forum because the rest wasn't loaded at all). I reloaded a few times and the whole thing showed finally. Posted in the general forum originally because I didn't think there was an option for my locale. The website itself seems okay far as I know.


Any suggestions? Thanks :D

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