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Geocache Icons indicating they are fun for kids


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Even if a cache page specifically states it is a kid-friendly cache, there is always the possibility that subsequent swaps are not so kid-friendly.


I know what *you* mean by kid-friendly - swaps that kids would actually like.


Kid-friendly is a sparkly bracelet or a matchbox car.


Non-kid friendly is a box of matches, a folding knife, water-purifying tablets, a lottery scratchie, etc. All of which I have seen in caches, and all fairly appropriate for the location.


Middle-of-the-road is a deck of cards, a hi-lighter, emery boards, a screwdriver, etc. Even though they are all perfectly harmless, they are boring to an 8 year old.


Most caches have the middle-of-the-road swaps. How about you teach your kids that you get what you get. Anything exciting you find is a bonus.

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