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Closest unfound cache to your home

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I'm pretty new to geocacing. At first I could just walk to most the caches I was doing, but now I've done all the caches within a 2 mile radius of my house and I have to drive or ride my bike to the caches. So i can imagine that it can be pretty easy to get to a point where you've done all the caches in a 5, 10 even 20 mile radius.


So what about you, how far is the closest cache to your home that you have not found?

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My closest cache page shows the closest cache to be a lil over 13 miles and the first 5 or so you need a boat so Ive only got a few of them. Im in Central Florida, fairly cache dense.


One did pop up the other day a mile or so from the house. I think my lil one and I will go get it later today.


Its funny you will find yourself clearing out the nearby towns of caches.

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200 yds. It's over in town in a little kiddy playground. I'll find it someday, but not by myself. I don't want to look like some pedophile lurking in the playground, LOL.


My thoughts on the playground caches are as follows


I'm not a pedophile so it doesn't matter what people think BUT I still won't look for one when kids are around. I just wait till the playground is empty and find it.


Closest unfound one here is 13+ miles from me. The only reason it's not found yet is that it was published yesterday.


Closest one to my home that I, personally, have not found is a mere 1/4 miles away.

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524 yards. We looked for it when we first started geocaching and could not find it. Probably make it back here soon to looking at it. It is a micro on a rock face of a sign at a busy intersection. Since there is no turn on on red at this intersection the motorcycle cops like to hide out there. The hint for the cache is "wire" So far it has 75 finds and 18 DNFs.


Maybe this Sunday morning we can mosy on over there. B)

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I'm a newb, less than 50 finds.


Closest unfound cache to my house is 2.5 miles. I looked for it and DNF'd, and saw a lot of other DNF's on the page. Recently someone managed to find it and put it back into play, so I'll eventually get back over there to find it.


I also like to cache during my lunch hour. The closest unfound cache to my office is well under a half mile, but it's this one: GC1H9V5 I don't do urban spelunking, so it's going to stay unfound.

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Hmm.. might be some 800 meters, not sure.Mystery, was published, I solved, and put it on the ignore list since I so utterly don't see why I would want to visit that place for something I do for fun,and I don't care enough about the smiley to be bothered.

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As you're finding out, a lot of people don't feel compelled to go out and find every cache. Me, I ignore most urban micros and tree climbing caches. Some people ignore puzzles, or difficult mutli's or whatever.


I have a couple of puzzles listed as .9 miles from the home coordinates I've been too lazy to solve. They are probably both really located within a mile.


Good point some others have brought up. I work 20 miles from home. That's like a whole new set of "home coordinates". I'm at 1.9 miles there (with several closer parking lot caches ignored). As well as a couple more just over 2 miles. Difficult multi's not really suited for lunch hour caching, and I never felt like multiple trips to tackle them.

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212 feet from my front door, it's a Wherigo which i cant do :):):ph34r:


... More of a whereigetstuckandpushbuttonsaimlesslygettingnowherefast then?




he he he .... actualy , more of a "placed by my other half" , so i cant really "find" it as i know where it is



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Okay. Of the 130 unfound caches within ten miles of the Dolphinarium...

The nearest at 2.1 miles is on top of a water tower, with the first fifteen feet of the ladder missing. I suspect the cache owner is missing too. There is also one 45 feet up a tree. Five that require a boat. Two which require deep wading/swimming, and seventeen mystery caches that I have not solved. Forty Three have a terrain rating of three or more. And some of the local cache owners tend to underrate their terrain!

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The nearest one I didn't find is at .75 miles.. I placed it :)B)


But to answer the question... when I started caching in London, I thought I'd try to "clear" all caches within 5 or 10 miles.


No way! Too many new ones appearing all the time. I once had it down to only a small bunch left within 5 miles, now I've been out of country for a couple of months it's back up to >130 unfound in 5 miles...

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.99 miles from home for me. However, that one is a 2-part multi where the first part needs help and from the string of DNFs, including mine, the 2nd seems to be missing. Next closest are 2 Wherigos, but I cannot do those with my Nuvi. Next nearest is a 3 part multi-cache along the Niagara River with a 3-mile hike. Not sure I want to do that in the winter! Nearest traditional is 2.2 miles and is a Scuba cache. Nearest reasonably doable traditional is 2.45 miles.


Nearest to work is .77 miles and I've DNFd it twice. I'll get it one of these lunch hours.

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I have tons left around my house. The main reason is that I tend to like to do caches in large parks or in the woods. So I end up traveling to do my caching.


According to GSAK I've done most of my caching over ten miles from my house.


This doesn't mean I'm not a radius slave, or I don't think I need to get them all.


It means my radius is just really big and I'm working on it.

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The closest unfound cache is 2.1 miles from my home, but it is on a small island in a pond. Since I have no way of getting there right now (other than swimming). I'm content to let Mother Nature provide a path by freezing the water.


The next closest unfound cache is 4 miles away.


within 6 or 7 miles of me (but with several closer unfound) are a couple of canoe caches placed last summer. I have a standing offer to borrow a canoe with a portable roof rack, but I guess November is upon us. The cache owner has already stated they have no problem with winter walkers, so I may be doing that. B)

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200 yds. It's over in town in a little kiddy playground. I'll find it someday, but not by myself. I don't want to look like some pedophile lurking in the playground, LOL.


I always take my dog. Then it looks like I am walking my dog.


As of right now the closest not found is 1.2 miles I know thats weak I went to find it 2x but no luck yet.

There are some Member only I have not found close by. I still need to cough up that 30$ but maybe when I get 1000 caches. Then I will have some close by to get. There is one 3.3 miles away I have not gotten its a 5 star terrain.


This gives a few Ideas for new topics. The farthest one from home.

How many larges. Whats the smallest cache.

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Just under 1 mile for me. It was published a month or so ago and I've DNFed it once. It's hidden right outside my favorite pub, so I think I'll have to DNF it at least a few more times... :rolleyes:


The trick might be to find ity on your way IN, not on your way OUT! <_<


Heh, I made that same comment in my DNF log. :lol:


I rather enjoy having an extra reason to visit this particular location, so no rush to find.

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I'm not a pedophile so it doesn't matter what people think BUT I still won't look for one when kids are around. I just wait till the playground is empty and find it.

I agree. I'll stop and grab it some time. Or, next spring my niece will probably be old enough to ride a swing, so I'll take her to the park... haha


I always take my dog. Then it looks like I am walking my dog.

I like the dog idea. Bummer mine died in March, before I started caching. If I get another someday, he'll probably become a "geodog" haha


Ummm, dude.. looking at your avatar I'd say it's too late.

lol still scratchin my head on this one... ;)

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