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owner keeps deleting my log

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Here's the thing that you are missing: The person who is the rudeness judge is the cache owner because they have the power to delete your log and ask you to resubmit a less snarky one.


Then it becomes an ALR, and those are no longer permitted.

If the cache owner were to say on the cache page "Snarky logs will be deleted" you might argue that this is an ALR. However if the cache owner is deleting snarky logs because they appear to be off-topic, I would think he'd have the cache maintenance guideline to support him. I suppose that one could appeal to Groundspeak that a snarky log was not off-topic - after all it is just the finder sharing his experience - but my guess is that Groundspeak would say that you can share your experience without being snarky or rude.


Ah. I had not seen 'snarky' under cache log maintenance guidelines. Requiiring positive logs only is an ALR whether posted on the cache page or not. Describing one's caching experience with a particualar cache would seem to be defined as on topic'.

Lots of garbage? Homeless camp? Coords badly off? All part of the geocaching experience.

Myself, I never delete snarky logs. It reflects the cache hunter's experience and mind set...

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One of the best potential LPC logs I've seen.

A friend of mine knows my feelings about LPCs, and as a poke, hid one, naming it after me.

He got a good chuckle out of my "Found It" log:


"Sadly, my day ended with a real stinker, "Dedicated to Clan Riffster". If ever I saw a cache worthy of archival, this one is it. Uninspired location. Boring hide technique. Crappy container. Unsurprisingly soggy log. Champ, how could you dedicate a turd like this to a fellow 'Yota driver? (sigh...)"

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Sigh. bittsen is wrong. Again. That is not something that is the responsibility or authority of a reviewer. Groundspeak, on the other hand, might be willing to help. Send an email to contact at geocaching.com

...I hope you were being sarcastic because your first sentence is frowned upon by grounspeak, if not a joke. We Portlanders stick together and are seldom wrong. :blink:


Groundspeak frowns upon sighing?! You lucky Portlanders know all the inside info!




I thought the same when I read that.

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We just posted this log entry and the owner quickly deleted it. We know that it was not a flattering entry but should it have been deleted? What do the forum members think? Thanks in advance for the feedback.


"This cache had no redeeming value except it WAS a cache and we touched it. We squeezed our signature into the last of the blank space in the log and resumed pedaling."


when i find a cache that i feel that way about, i don't even log it.
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If some people publish lousy hides, but they get rewarded with logs that compliment them, then what will happen?

There's a big difference between a non committal log and one that gushes with praises. No one is suggesting that the LPC in a big store parking lot gets a sonnet.


You mean like this ?


Great parking lot looks like Warm-Mix Asphalt application.

The lines appear to be painted with a Rollmaster Paint Line Striper 4" Wide Line

Model # T9A239823 using Aervoe White Supreme striping paint.

I’ts a shame I didn’t pack a picnic lunch or I would have stayed a bit longer.


Signed the log. TN LN


now this is one of the funniest things i have read in a long time. may i borrow it for my next lame cache?



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