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will vantage point support two brands of gps?

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I appologize if this is posted somewhere else. I have spent a few hours already scouring the forum and couldnt find this particular answer.


I have a Magellan Triton 300 that I have been using since I started geocaching a few months ago. I have been using it and the Vantage Point system on my laptop to download/upload cache information to my gps. I am a premium member. Ive not had any problems with either and they work well for me and what I do.


I couldnt pass up a pretty nice deal today on ebay for a used Garmin V Deluxe package. Its to be coming complete soon. It is supposed to have the disks/maps/cords/box etc.


My question is...Can I still use the Vantage Point system with the Garmin V? Meaning, if I plug in its (Garmins) usb cable to my laptop, will the Vantage Point prompt me to accept it? ...meaning, will it maybe ask me the name of the new unit etc (user friendly stuff) and allow me to use it as well for this new unit? I was curious if it would recognize it automatically.


...Or will I have to go to something like EasyGPS and use this system seperate from the Vantage Point? I was hoping to just use Vantage Point .


I got this other gps just because. I thought it would make getting in and out of some of the areas Im not familiar with easier and would like to load those caches that are on my Magellan that Im going after into it too. Plus, be able to pass it onto a family member to cache with.


I didnt want to plug in the Garmin to the USB and crash/confuse/loose the stuff I have in the Vantage Point system now. I dont have the Garmin yet, but wanted to try to get an answer before I do something wrong.


Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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The files saved on your pc that you are importing to Vantage Point should also be able to be imported into whatever program you need for the Garmin. Such as the PQ's or .gpx files.


Great answers. Thanks I appreciate it. Moderator, Ive got what I needed so feel free to close this out. Thanks.

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