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2009 Halloween Evil Micro Edition


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Hmmmm.... Interesting....


Quote: "We have a few Nickel and Gold versions left."


Yet after recieving your noticication e-mail (last week) and I went to order some the site kept saying they were out of stock! :angry:


Finally managed to order a copper one (at which time the site still said "Out Of Stock" of all other versions)


Even e-mailed confirm they were "Sold Out", and am still awaiting a reply! :blink:


It's going to be too expensive to place another order and have shipped to New Zealand, Now they are magically back in stock?! :blink:


Very disappointing :blink:

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Hmmmm.... Interesting....


Quote: "We have a few Nickel and Gold versions left."



When we get a new coin, we always list 5 - 10 less then what we have. This is esp true for coins where we limit them to a specific number, lets say like these coins of 100 each.


Once we are done with getting them all out, we will check our inventory and re-list what we have.


For some reason, the Nickel Version sold out on our site yet only sold a few. We didnt realize this until after all the orders were sent out. We dont know if it is a bug or something else is going on.


Since I know the copper versions havent shipped yet, if you were to email support or ring them on the phone, they would have no problem adding them to your order without all the additional shipping charges.

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Thanks, Hopefully this happens and I recieve a confirmation to my e-mail that I have just sent. :blink:


Failing all else at least I have one version to add to my collection of the previous years evil micros. :blink:


Because of my recovery from the addiction I have limited myself (unfortunately) to the compass roses and these fellas (Evil Micros), as I have at least 1 metal from each year they were minted. :blink:

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Yippie!!! I just got my 2009 Evil Micros in the mail.


1 x 2009 Halloween Evil Micro Gold

1 x 2009 Halloween Evil Micro Nickel

1 x 2009 Halloween Evil Micro Black Nickel SE


They all look great.


PS - Just one glitch... when I went to Oakcoins to retrieve the codes, I got the following message (and Halloween is tomorrow):

That coin's not found in our database


The failure to recieve a code could be due to the following:
  • The activation code has already been retrieved.

  • The Tracking code from the coin is incorrect.

  • The Coin number from the coin is incorrect.

Please check to make sure the correct tracking code and Coin Number from the coin are entered in.


Please try to get your
code again.


If this fails, or you are having problems, please contact us via email at "support at oakcoins.com".

I'm guessing the numbers haven't been uploaded into the database yet. :)

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