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Searching for Highly/ Unique Traditional & Multi Caches

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Is there a way to search for geocaches that are unique / highly rated by others? I like the traditional style caches (vs virtual, etc.), especially the multi-caches, but am finding that most of the ones out there are just like the last one. Fence posts, light pole covers, rock gardens, yucca plants & joshua trees are boring - I'd like a challenge & adventure with some creativity but it's hard to sort those out in the queries.


Any tips anyone?


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Premium members have the ability to set up bookmark lists of caches. Many have lists of their favorite caches or ones that they recommend. Your best bet may be to look for these bookmark lists. You will see them as links on the right side of the page of caches that are on that list. The caches here will usually not be your run-of-the-mill fence post, lamp post, or pile of rocks. Note that some people may keep bookmark lists of these types of caches as well or perhaps a list of the caches they were First to Find on. So be sure to look for lists with names like Favorite Caches or Top 50 Finds.


Other than that you can read the logs. The kind of caches your are looking for are likely to have longer than average logs.


If you become a premium member you can run Pocket Queries that allow you to be more selective in searching out caches to find. For example you may want to avoid caches with difficulty of 1 as this basically is telling you that its probably a hiding style you have seen before.


Frequently people suggest that the site have a way for finders to rate caches. One problem is that there is no guarantee that people will rate caches the same as you. It is clear that a few people at least may want to avoid unique or unusual styles of caches. They may find these frustrating as they are a bit more difficult to find. They could very well rate the cache you like lower than the ones you find boring. TPTB have stated that they are working on some kind of system that will allow finders to recommend caches. Is suspect that it will have some way for you to learn whose recommendations are closest to your taste and whose you should ignore. Perhaps over time it could make recommendations tailored for you personally.

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Thanks for the tips and info! Looks like I need to pony up the cash for the caches so I can do those selective searches. I really don't care about the total # of caches I have found, most of the easy ones I have found are a result of taking newbies out caching.. I just want a good adventure and it sounds like you guys know some of the best ways to get started.

Thanks again!

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