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maps upload to Garmin eTrex Venture HC

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@first: sorry my bad english, I hope you can understand my problem ;-)


I have buy me a Garmin eTrex Venture HC and my only problem is I can´t upload a map to this device.


I haven´t enough money to buy me a map from Garmin, this is to expensive for me. I seach solutions with Google and in some forums, but no result.


I have tested it with an .img file to mapsource from Garmin, but the file can´t open, I have tested with other programs

- XImage

- Img2gps


can anyone say me

- is this possible

- where I can get maps in a right format

- and what kind of program I need to do this


thanks you in advance







Ich habe mir ein Garmin eTrex venture HC gekauft, mein einziges Problem ist, ich bekomme keine karte auf das gerät.


Um mir ne Karte direkt von Garmin zu kaufen fehlt mir das geld, ganz davon abgesehen das mir gesagt wurde das es schwachsinn wär, da die karten ja eh nicht wirklich aktuell sind... ich habe auch schon stundenlang google befragt und in foren gesucht, doch nichts gefunden was geklappt hat.


ich habe probiert eine .img datei mit mapsource von garmin zu öffnen, das scheiterte leider (hätte mir vorher klar sein dürfen^^) auch mit anderen programmen hab ich es versucht

- XImage

- Img2gps


kein erfolg


wär richtig gut wenn mir jemand sagen könnte

- ob es überhaupt irgendwie funktioniert

- wo ich die karten in dem funktionierenden format herbekomme

- welches programm ich dann brauche


vielen dank im vorraus


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Even though you are brand new, I'm going to move this to the GPS and Technology forum because this question will require some technical advice and that's where the gadget geeks hang out.


I promise that they will play nice. <_<


A few questions until they come by.


Where did the map IMG file come from?

How are you trying to load it?

What size it is?

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I have download a lot of maps and tested it.

- from www.openstreetmap.org in all available filetypes

- http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php only available in.img

- and I tested it www.outdoornavigators.com (directupload to device, but they have a list of supported devices and etrex venture ist not in the list. I see it after I try it)


I´m not sure you meen with "how are you trying to load it?"

I hope yuo meen this


I have try with the upload funktion from garmin program "mapsource"

I have try to upload any files with the program "img2gps"

I have try upload with "xImage" but my maps are not selectable


the size from my currently favorit map on my pc is 10,7 MB but I testet it also with a smaller and a bigger size

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They don't have any German maps, so you have to look elsewhere.


I've uploaded maps to my Venture HC. You need the drivers installed, and Mapsource. It's been a while, but I recall it is something like installing the map in mapsource, selecting the correct layer, selecting the region, then upload. It took some experimenting, but it was not too bad.

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thx you all for the good support, but no result again...


but good news... i found the solution on a german site...



for all users they search and search and search, too (sorry a know it only for german maps)



1. load mapsourcce

2. load http://openstreetmap.teddynetz.de/latest/deuschland.tgz

3. unzip in a new folder

4. load http://cypherman1.googlepages.com/MapSetToolKit_v1.50.zip

5. start the program and http://img407.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bild1ao5.jpg

6. http://img149.imageshack.us/my.php?image=bild2nj9.jpg

- klick the first ... and choose *tdb file from the new folder (example: 123.tdb)

- klick the second ... and choose the same file but not *tdb but the file with *img (example 123.img)

- klick install

- close the program

7. open mapsource from garmin

- choose at the top - left the map you had install

- choose the tile you want and klick upload to device

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