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DJ.J.ROCKS Photo Cointest


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I've held a ton of cointests, and really enjoy them. I really try to come up with unique ideas that will be fun for all. I allways get great feedback from you all that you enjoy them. The coolest part for me is I hold them for things that really matter to me. In my last cointest you were to tell what you were greatfull for, but the sad part was you all quit posting, Before it ended!!! I gave out 3 coins during that time and planned on 5. I was unsure if it was a good cointest or if you all ran out of things you were greatfull for??


So I'm gonna try another cointest, and see how it goes!! Hopefully you will not stop posting to this one.


The rules....


I really enjoy a great photo, and am often amazed at how they turn out or what peps. decide to shoot. Or even the rare opertunity someone has caught on picture like a butterfly landing for example and just happened to be able to take a photo during that 5 second landing, catching an awesome picture at its rarest.


Your job here is to post an amazing photo YOU took or captured on camera. Please don't take a photo you found on the internet you did not take yourself. I will be searching for fakes and have seen thousands of photos from the net so I'm looking for you to share your own photos.


You may post as many as you like as often as you want,

I will award a geocoin or possible coins at random, I may pull from a generator from time to time or pick one(s) I really really like.

The cointest will end when you eather stop posting photos and it falls off the page (hopen this cointest will last awhile ) or when I decide I've givin enuff coins out.


All coins will more then likely be trackable may be unactivated or nott and will be picked at random by me or my lil girl, I may even give out a wire wrapped coin.

Who knows!! So have fun and enjoy the pictures!!

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Fun cointest, I love taking photos and looking at those taken by others! Here are some of my favorites that I've taken in the past couple of years.


My husband and son



My Sheltie



Glacier National Park in an area that burned many years ago



The neighbors horse



Shadowed moon



A couple of years ago I was in a photography group that had a different assignment each week. One Sunday my family and I were going for a drive and I had in mind that the assignment for that week was "Forever Friends". As we headed down the highway I spotted this and knew it had to be my submission for the assignment. There was a lot of reaction to my submission, not all of it good, but I felt it fit the assignment perfectly.


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Thanks for the cointest. Here are a few of my favorites.


This is my absolute favorite picture I have taken of scenery.



Another scenery picture I like.



Yet another one. This picture is taken from a friends property looking across Flathead River into Glacier Park. The flat area across the river is called Big Prarie.



This is Sweet Pea, my daughter. She is a poser, however this is one of many favorites.



This is Boo, my son, taken a few years ago. The pasture is close to our house and when the dandelions are covering the field, we like to go there and just roam around.


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Alright, reread the rules, so I will start with THE most prized photo I've taken recently.


For years I've been trying to capture the elusive "vapor trail" shot of a high performance jet in action. And this past July, at the Oshkosh Annual Fly-In, I GOT IT. Keep in mind this is a hand-held camera at FULL ZOOM on a 300MM lens and you'll have a greater appreciation of the focus involved.


I quite literally made a scene as this fat 44 year old lady literally leaped up and down after taking the photo.



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Great idea for a cointest! Thanks, DJ! :)


We love seeing pics in posts & it seems so few take the time to snap shots anymore in their ever-climbing number quest. I've gotten lucky enough to take a cpl like you requested. Not the best camera in the world... (cuss it everytime I take a shot, I swear! LOL)... but, here are a few of our favorite caching shots.


Taken as hiking to Buffalo Hills cache, while getting eaten alive by skeeters, no less... LOL





And, a similar shot of one of our resident hummers...



Sometimes the best find of the day is not always the cache... Red Oak Revisited...





Untouched photo of the skies over Eureka Springs, AR... a personal fave.



AWESOME pics & tough competition already!! LOL Good Luck, everyone!

love2cat... that shot is GORGEOUS!! You could sell that one on Red Bubble! Those are the kind of shots I can never get mine to take. :)

:o @ Hakali & her happy pic dance spectacle... I can see doing that myself. HehHeh Very nice/lucky shot!

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Wow, that's when I'm glad to have a pocket coin to gather all our good geocaching photos! Easy to browse and retrieve!


But there are so many of them... I think I'll split and categorize!

As starters : photos of animals we met!



Look a butterfly landed on me!



A blue dragonfly



Oh, I've been spotted...



We don't have that many snakes here, but here's one!


Enjoy these and expect more!


Thanks for the great cointest, Jay! What a wonderful idea!

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Oh boy, photography cointest! <glee>


So you like butterflies huh..... Me too



I stood out on my deck for 45 minutes taking 30 second exposures to get this one:



I've posted this before, as I have a cache nearby:



I like flowers. They're slow and generally cooperative to my efforts


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Found another fun one. It is what we in Sweden call "semlor" a bun with almondcream and whipped cream in. These were eaten at a "semleevent" and has the Groundspeak logo on them. Hope it is ok with them to use the logo on such things, I can assure that they were all eaten.




This were taken during the Fumble After Dark event nov 2006. We were supposed to uise flashlight even if "the big one" were up.The moon was lovely that night, we had so much fun.

This years event in the dark is next saturday. Fun!!




grodan Karin

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Hi DJ J. I love this cointest of yours. I like sometimes playing with my camera and seeing if I can get lucky and get something that looks great. Usually my shots are pretty uninspiring, but thanks to the great point and shoot cameras nowdays even I can occassionally get lucky. I will post a few pictures in a little while.


To all the entrants so far, thank you all for posting your pictures. I've enjoyed all of them and am looking forward to viewing even more. After seeing some of the awesome shots you folks took I'm a little intimidated, but I think I can dig up 3 or 4 that may not look to embarassing next to everybody elses photos. :o

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Oh!!! What a great cointest!!!!


I had some nice photos but I lost them.... :o


Well... I have some that were saved and I will place them here for you to see! :)


Here is one of my favorite photos I ever take!!! It is with my mobile and it is dall and not so good but I believe it is rare! :)


I took it accidently from the balcony of my house! It is the exact moment the thunder hit the house very close to my apartment! It was on the other side of the house but...



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Here you can see a baby sparrow (not so baby, it had feathers but couldn't fly yet), sitting on my finger!!! :o


I found it near a church and the poor sparrow was crying alone waiting for help! I went close and from that time the sparrow followed me all the time! I went with my parents to seat and relax some meters away and it came to me!!! I managed to give him food and water but when I had to go I couldn't take the sparrow with me! I left some pieces of bread close to him, and from a distace I saw other sparrows coming close to it! I couldn't see it when the sparrows left! Who knows.... they might took him with them???



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And here you can see a beautiful peacock in filerimos mountain in Rhodes!


It is not so easy to go very close to the peacock but this one let me even touch its tail!!!!


I am sure you can understand how close I am! when the peacock saw a female one coming he opened his tail and WOW!!!! Suddently he turned to me and stayed there watching me taking photos with my mobile!!! :o






See how close I am....





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Here one that's caching related. The picture is taken from Pierre Lakes in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area. The hike to this point is 6+ hours with an elevation gain of 4100 feet. The virtual cache we were trying to get is on the peak to the right side of the picture. The cache name is Stone Pony - GC6DC7. After the hike in my feet really needed some rest!!!




Thanks for the cool contest and all the great pictures so far!

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New batch of pictures!


Natures wonders in Switzerland



The river Venoge's Springs



The Door to nowhere, near Cuarnens



Lacs des Vaux (memories of a wonderful and tiring FTF)



A frozen marsh visited last winter



In the Fairy Cave



Adonis flowers in the spring


That should do it for this post. More to come!

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One of my favourites since the girl is no longer with us.


Morning visitor


A bit of light painting in my back yard.


A picnic site.... really!


Expert flier


Aerial hydromulching past the fire's work.


Too close to home (fire's handywork) - view from back yard.


For fun


Local attraction....


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This spring at about 6:30 a.m. In this park was my first cache find so it does have a special spot in my heart



Sun's rays bouncing off the water to the right made it interesting


The park has many old trees


And a spot where the chldren play


By the way DJ great cointest, there are some fantastic shots just hope I can compliment them

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