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Hello all!

My husband and I are coming down to visit Australia starting the 13th of November through the 23rd. We're primarily going to be in Sydney, but are visiting the Snowy Mountains and hiking Kosciusko for a couple of days. Of course, I want to geocache! (and grab that one near the summit of Kosciusko!)


A couple of things:

I need to get Australian maps for my Garmin Colorado 400t. Does anyone have any good insight on what to get?


Anyone want to meet up whilst I'm there? We're renting an apartment in Neutral Bay and I'd love to meet up with local cachers and swap bugs and whatnot.


How's the camping in Kosciusko?


Also, any local cache group pages that I could connect with before my trip?

Thanks guys!

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Hi ya Neoaddict,

It may help if you post your questions on the Geocaching Australia Forums You will find most Ozzies hang out there and you are more likely to get an answer. There is an International section you can post in.


As it is run by a different group you will need to registor an account on that site as well.


Good luck and if you get no responce PM me and I will see what I can do.



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As JABs mentioned, most Australians hang out at forum.geocaching.com.au


I'd love to meet up with you, but I'll be holidaying in the South Pacific. There other Sydney and Canberra cachers you should be able to meet up with though.


Regarding maps - I recommend the Open Street Map series as they're free and have quite good coverage. http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php


Having said that, you shoudl take a good topo paper map ($8) and compass when climbing 'Kossie'. Note the weather can change quickly, so take warm wet weather gear with you, even if it's sunny and clear when you start.


Accomodation is best at Thredbo. You can stay at the village and get the chair lift to the ridge line.


BTW - I've walked up to Kossie and the ridge a few times if you have any questions. It isn't demanding, but you still need to take care.


Good luck



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