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Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator


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I think I'll take the advice some members have given regarding purchasing a slightly more expensive GPS device.


With that being said, I believe I'll order the Garmin GPS 60CSx Handheld GPS Navigator. I'll be purchasing the device in the US and with that the basemap will be of the USA.


I plan to use it in the US at times, but mostly here in NB.


So my question is this: will I have enough space with the 64 MB microSD card to load in lots of NB maps?


I'm really brand new to this, so if this is a lame question, please don't flame me. :laughing:

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Sure, 64 MB is a fair sized area, depending on the type of maps you put on there. I would suggest downloading the Ibycus Topo right away. That is enough for most people. You can find links to many free maps here: http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/


Note that getting a larger micro SD card will not cost very much, if you need more room.


OK. Thanks so much!


Can I ask one more question, do you know if this device is Mac compatible?

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While I'm not endorsing a GPS I think you may want to look at the DeLorm PN-30 or PN-40. They add the paperless feature right on the GPS. I have a 60Cx and am looking at the DeLorms.


LOL... too late! I just hit "Place Order" for the Garmin on Amazon!

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While I'm not endorsing a GPS I think you may want to look at the DeLorm PN-30 or PN-40. They add the paperless feature right on the GPS. I have a 60Cx and am looking at the DeLorms.


Personnally, I like them both and use them both for different purposes. I have the 76CSX (very similar to the 60CX) and the PN-40 ( and a Oregon 200, amongst others) and they're all remarkably accurate, have very fast signal locks, and maintain their locks in nasty cover and terrain.


There are ways around the paperless issue that need not handicapp you, especially if you use the GSAK utility.


I dislike the tiny display and battery eating characteristics of the PN-40 intensly; far more than the benefit of the paperless feature. But, I love it for other more creative technology reasons which others may not need or want.


But anywhooo ... I believe that they're both great GPS's and I'm reasonably confident that you will not be disappointed with your 60CX in any way, I know I haven't been with my 76CSX. Their incredibly easy and fun to use.


You may want to grow into a PN series GPS later on, but that's your choice and if you do, you won't be dissappointed with that purchase either.


BTW, you may want to consider a 2-4gb card because of the flexibility in numbers of maps and available detail that you'll want later (you'll find that like with so many other things, more is always better here also).


Best of luck and have fun with your new toy!

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The last CSx I bought came with a 1 GB card. You may have the same luck.


That would be awesome. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning as I await the delivery of my GPS. :o


A 4GB microSD card goes for about $6 now - perhaps just order a nice sized one. Then never have to worry about space for a long time


I have a 60CSX - really good luck with it. IN the US as well as around the world. For geocaching you don't NEED any maps as often I'll be in a location without any maps but still able to geocache. Now however the toppographic maps are nice, but as I said not required

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