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Howdy ya'll!

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Hello and congratulations on your purchase of a Delorme PN-40. I also own a Delorme PN-40 and think it's the greatest! As far as what's best between Cache Register and GSAk I'd advise that if you won't miss the extra $10 I'd suggest getting both. The reason is the CR is so easy there's no learning curve so you can start caching hassle free immediately. Then you can take your time learning how to use GSAK to do all the wonderful tricks it can do (in addition to loving my Delorme PN-40 I'm also a huge fan of GSAKs) without feeling rushed so you can get out and test drive your new PN-40. By the way at the GSAK website there is also a forum there where if you have questions you can ask the folks over there. Welcome to the fun!!! :laughing:

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Got it in the mail last night. Love it so far. Just taking my time figuring it all out. I found out the speedo on my truck is off by 4% at 75MPH. Should be giving it a proper test drive this weekend.


Hope you weren't in a 50 MPH zone when you found that out! <_< Welcome to the fun...it gets better day by day, cache by cache.

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So, I went out last night. Found a bunch of caches. The PN40 worked great! Loved the paperless feature. I'm glad I started out with a unit of this caliber.


Now my question is how do I upload it to the site? My GPS says to: "Use the FieldNotes option at geocaching.com to upload." I can't find it! Can someone point me in the direction I need to be looking?


Sorry for my newbiness!!



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