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Completed my first Caches today!

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Working on uploading my pictures from my first set of completed caches! I can't tell you how thrilled I am, since my first try was a total bust (0/3), and I wanted to share!


I'm working without at GPSr at the moment (Unemployment... good side, lots of free time... bad side, no money), so I decided to take a new tack and do some EarchCaches - MUCH easier to find! I was 6.5/8 today - really that should be two .5s, but that math doesn't add up quite right - I had one I threw out due to terrible, terrible self-portraits, and one where I saw another nearby trail and figured there might be a cache for the landmark on that trail (there is! But I took the picture at the wrong spot. Now I know where to go, though). The last two I missed becauce I was having trouble finding the trail and was losing light, so I put those off for another day.


I'm just thrilled to be a "real" cacher, now! Once I get these logged, no more sad-face when I'm signed in to the site!

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Yay! Killer pictures! You look like youre having a BLAST!


Im in a similar boat as you. Unemployed, new to the game, but thankfully I have a pretty decent GPSr in my phone, because I'm nowhere near as smart as you, and wouldn't have dreamed of trying to tackle this without!


My wife smiles and nods politely when we are out and i make a quick side trip to stumble through the bushes blindly somewhere for 20 minutes, though Thing One and Thing Two tend to enjoy hunting afterschool, so long as the area is somewhat interesting, and we manage to nail things down in a fair amount of time.


Anyhow, from one nub to another, rock on!

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