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What should new geocachers know about trackables?

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On 10/27/2018 at 2:29 AM, Max and 99 said:

I don't understand this; 

When you grabbed it, you put it in the wrong state, and that error wasn't corrected by dropping it in the cache that you know it's no longer in.


I think there’s a little confusion between Max and dprovan on ‘state’.  Max, I assume, wanted to mark a trackable as visiting a particular state (US state, nation state?), presumably to help with its mission.  Whereas, dprovan is discussing the state of the trackable (in cache A, or in the hands of cacher B).


I can appreciate Max’s efforts to help with the trackable’s mission, but I wouldn’t go so far as to incorrectly change its ‘trackable-state’, i.e. to put it back in a cache that I know it’s left.


There is a danger to this.  If the cacher who grabbed the trackable then physically drops it off in another cache without realising you’ve taken it back, then they won’t be able to log it all (unless they’ve recorded the tracking number).  The trackable will then show in the wrong cache until somebody else can sort it out.


That said, personally, I do give people time to log drops, but I understand why others might grab immediately.


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