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Moving TBs while traveling to other states

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I picked up two TB's at an event this weekend. They are both in a race (not against each other). I'm flying from Dallas to Phoenix on Wednesday, and I'll do a little bit of caching while I'm there.


So ... should I drop the TBs off in Phoenix, or take them round-trip and just dip them while I'm there to give them double the mileage?


Would I be helping them 'cheat' in their race, or is that considered kosher?

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Thanks ... I sent both owners a message on Saturday letting them know the status of their bugs and asking if they wanted me to remove the extra tags a couple of cachers added to them. Haven't gotten a response from either owner yet, but if I do I'll ask about the dipping.


If I don't get a response from them, I'll just drop them in Phoenix.


Thanks for the advice!

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