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How long until the FTF?


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Are they not being found because no one is going or not being found because they're too hard to find and people are logging DNF's?


Both of the caches I've listed were found within a day of their listing, but washington is pretty saturated with cachers, so pretty much anywhere I could put one, it would be found within a day or two.


Though, I will say both of my caches were very easy and I make it painfully obvious where it is. If you log a DNF on either of my caches, well, I dunno. I just believe the cache is less about annoying people and more about the adventure associated with getting there and seeing what it is I brought you there for and everything else that has anything to do with the cache. My first cache was boring, but I needed to warm up on something kind easy to get my feet wet. One I just placed today should be a fun one for people and I'm excited to see all the pictures people upload and the stories people have for me.

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February 20 published

March 17 Ft DNF

March 22 FTF


I tend to hide multi-caches some distance from where people live. Not a big market for these, but they're what I enjoy finding, so that's what I hide.

I was surprised by the DNF, there's nothing tricky about finding the stages; it was a navigation error that just made the trek too long for that potential finder.

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I just hid one on Saturday. It took 1h58m (based on e-mail from reviewer, and FTF time on finders log). But I have one with no finds (or DNFs) at 3.5months and counting.


I posted a fairly challanging puzzle cache in the city, it took about 1.5 days.


The FTF time mostly depends on the difficulty and the volume of local cachers.

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I haven't had one go a full day. I don't think any of them have gone 12 hours.


My first hide was placed in a park only open from dawn to dusk. Publication notification went out after dark and the next morning 3 or 4 cachers were waiting at dawn to go for the FTF.

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Urban - minutes or hours, depending on time of day they are published.

Remote - day or weeks, I have one on a long and bumpy road that has not yet been found. Placed May 2009.

There is a cache in Mexico that has yet to be found after 3+ years (not sure if it is still there or not)

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I've only placed 2 and both were found incredibly quickly. But then again we have a lot of cachers here and some really fast FTF hounds. Both hides were also in an urban park so I expected them to be found quickly. (I was actually surprised to also get 2 DNF's on day one on one of them.) I have another I am planning and I expect that will be found within hours also.

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I have 4 caches, and all were found within 24 hours. There are a few FTF hounds within 20 miles, so rarely does a new cache last more than a day or two without a find.


Mine are in rural areas, so they won't get very much traffic after that first find. The city cachers usually wait until there are several new hides around here before they drive out to grab them all.

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Mine are in rural areas, so they won't get very much traffic after that first find. The city cachers usually wait until there are several new hides around here before they drive out to grab them all.

Yep... same here.

We live out rural in the country so obviously that is where we choose to place our caches.

Most often it will be a few days or more before the 1st cacher comes along.

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All depends on where you live and how hungry cachers are for FTF. Some who are leary of a cache due to diff/terr ratings will hold back til someone finds it. We had a new cacher who first put one out 160 ft off in private land. We found it by the description and had the reviewer fix the coords. Then they put 3 out in the hills with 5 terrain rating. So no one rushed out to get it except 3 of us and it turned out all were 2 to 3 terrain.

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Around here, when caches get released, people will skip over the multis and harder caches so they can get all the quick, urban ones. The longer, harder ones sometimes wait until the weekend before getting found.


Except for one hider. When one of his caches comes out, people will call out sick, leave work early or do whatever's needed to find them. They're almost all long, hard and difficult, and people will do whatever they can to get an FTF on them.

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It varies, of course. I have a wide gamut of caches. Urban micros, evil mystery caches, hikes of up to five miles round trip. Also makes a difference what day they're published. Had one published Friday that was found twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday, and not since. But I have one out for six weeks without a find. I didn't think the puzzle was that difficult! Another puzzle cache out four weeks without a find. (Though the puzzle has been solved.) Of course, it's still a two-and-a-half mile round-trip hike to get to the cache, and it's not an easy find once the seeker gets there. Hee hee hee.

A lot of my caches do not get a lot of finds. (I've got two that haven't been found in a year...) Most are nice caches in pretty places, but can have a bit of a hike to get to. The people who find them do love them. And that's what counts to me.

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I have one that I placed seven months ago and it hasn't been found yet. :) And it's an easy find -- but it is listed as a letterbox hybrid. Maybe I'll get around to making a stamp and actually list it as a letterbox too, and see whether the first finder is a cacher or a letterboxer.



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only have one out so far but it was looked for the same night it was published and found early the next morning.


seen a cachers truck sitting in the spot most gps's tell you to turn the night it was published but he/she/they didn't find it, but another family team found it obviously early the next morning right before the one(s) from the night before came back..


i guess it all depends on where its hidden and the number of cachers in your area

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I've been on over 100 FTF runs(not all successful), and anywhere from 3 Minutes(I was already close) to Almost 3 Months(Middle of NOWHERE,KS) is about the standard. Usually less than 72 hours though is standard for most low cache density areas, with less than 6 hours being standard for more densely occupied cache areas.


The Steaks

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All of my caches (18 at present) are being found in a matter of hours after being published and all by the same team TEAM STILLLOOKING, not surprising really as they live in the same area. Still it is nice to know that I did get the coordinates right it gives me a good check on my caches.

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