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A muggle question for ya'...


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Are we supposed to let muggles know what we are up to or do we keep it a secret? I mean, do I located a large cache and crack into it in front of every one or do I wait and come back later for it? I just think that locating something in front of a lot of prying eyes would make it fair game for them to take whatever they wanted. If this is a complete noob question, I apologize. Just curious about protocol. :D

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I think the whole question is situational. It all depends on the circumstances.

I try to be stealthy for the most part but when it comes down to it I have explained geocaching to a few who were wondering what I was doing.


While I would tell someone who appears average in most ways, I wouldn't tell someone in a business suit nor someone who was homeless. I wouldn't tell most who are younger than 18 and some elderly get paranoid very quickly.


It all depends. I'm sure you will know when it's right to tell and when it's right to hide your hobby.

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As others mentioned it depends on the situation. If the person just appears to be curious, particularly if its a mom or dad with kids, I would probably explain what I was doing. If the person seems agitated or confrontational, I'd probably make something up. With teenagers I'd probably do the same. It all depends on the vibe I get from the encounter.

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