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Activated and Stolen coins

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I just bought someone's collection about two month ago and after selling some of the coins I found out some of the collection (I have come across two coins so far) are not only activated, but were stolen from caches a couple years back. :ph34r: This was not known by the person whose collection I bought. Having seen my traveling coins disappear I know people take them and keep them, but have never been first hand witness to actually now having a couple in my collection.


So, lesson learned... always check the coins you are trading for when they come in to make sure they aren't activated and stolen from caches. I am not going to check the collection (too many coins) but will certainly be careful about the coins going out in trades or sales.


On a positive note, I can now say 2 coins have been re-released into caches! :laughing:

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I hear that. I received a donation to the Midwest Geobash Silent Auction earlier this year. The coins didn't make it in time, so I kept them for next years auction. I was playing around with them, just to make sure they weren't owned by the donor. Turns out, (1) was an activated coin from someone's collection that had come up missing, and (1) other coin was an activated gift given to someone, who had in turn traded it to the donor. Both coins were returned to the e-owner with my apologies, and obviously the donor was shocked. They were assumed to be unactivated.


Side note. I know that one year at MWGB (2007 maybe) we had someone trading activated cache travelers during our trading session. They had gone to the TB Barn, taken the coins out of their ziplock baggies, and brought them over to trade them as unactivated. :ph34r:


It takes all kinds unfortunately.



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Didn't we already have a thread like this? I could swear I gave the advice to check your coins before offering them up for sale or trade, recently. It's still good to let people know this is happening. Always check your geocoins when you get them. One person's heartache is a Marked as Missing Owner's joy, I guess.

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Well this was an enlightening thread....I was horrified by what I read here, so thought I would check a few coins that I acquired in the last few months. To my horror, out of 7 coins, 2 are owned and activated. I feel absolutely sick to my stomach. One was a trade at MWGB 09 and one was a gift from a dear friend who bought the coin off e-place.

I will make it right, but boy this stinks.



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