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How to celebrate our 50th find?


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I didn't do anything special for my 50th, but I found my first Multi cache for my 100th. I also did a Mystery cache which required collecting clues from a series of other caches for my 1000th. If you haven't found any Multi or Mystery caches yet, you could try one of them. That, or pick a particularly challenging or historical cache and go find it.



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Never did anything because I never saw reaching an arbitrary number of finds as something to celebrate.


Obviously many people feel differently. Most people I know who celebrate milestones try to make their milestone finds particularly memorable ones, by picking out especially difficult or interesting caches

for their 50th, 500th, 1000th or whatever.

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I wasn't paying attention at the time I hit my 50th, but for my 100th I did a challenging multi that involved crawling into a few small caves GC1NP1N. I celebrated with a swig of cold Mountain dew.


For my 200th I found The Spot, the oldest active cache in the eastern US.


Getting closer to 300 now, and I have a couple of memorable caches I'm keeping in mind.


Hey, this is my 100th post! Time to celebrate with a swig of cold Mountain Dew! Cheers!

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My 50th was a 4/5 cache but wasn't really planned as a 'significant' cache.


100 was called Katie's Cache -Girlfriend at the time was called Kate.


200 was the 9th cache in a series, the bonus was 201st cache. Got my first 2 FTF's on the series as well!


300 was the bonus cache in a series of 6 caches to find the bonus cache.


400 was cache 7 out of 8 for the day, of a set of caches -not a series, all individual caches- by a local cacher*.


500 was found on holiday in Scotland, bit of a cache and dash, but 499, 500, 501 set by the same cacher with a theme around the film 'The Wicker Man'


600 was the bonus cache of 5 caches in a series, set by a local cacher* to mark his 100th cache hide.


If you want to do 'Significant' caches to mark milestones, you do need to start planning.

No point in doing a series of caches and getting the milestone at cache 5 out of 7!


*Same cacher. He sets some great caches!

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well...if you have an iPhone, you could go caching in Easter Island :D


Send me the aeroplane tix and I can pretty well guarantee you that I'll geocache there and no iPhone will be involved. :laughing::huh::unsure:


Assuming of course that there are geocaches there. :):huh::blink:


Otherwise, make it the Great Wall of China, K? :):o:ph34r:

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If you want to do 'Significant' caches to mark milestones, you do need to start planning.



I usually try to pick out a significant cache for milestone numbers.


For my 100th I did a 5 stage multi. I did the first 4 stages a few weeks earlier, then DNFd on two caches in a row for my 99th cache before finding one so I could go after the finale.


#200 was the last cache placed by a local geocacher that has since left the area


#300 was an interesting cache in a wooded area between the lanes of an interstate. That may not sound that interesting but you had to go through a tunnel to reach the area and the area itself was quite interesting.


#400 was a 1000 finds golden ammo can placed the same day for another local cacher.


#500 was a "paddle cache" (#499 was also a paddle cache)


#600 was *supposed* to be a cache that was placed at the location where the first pong game was installed (I was working at Atari testing pong games shortly after) but somehow my numbers got messed up and my stats shows a cache that was probably the second least favorite of the 31 (the most I've found in a day) caches I found that day.


#700 was the only ammo can I found on a day full of P&G micros


#800 was a local 4.5/4.5 challenge that required finding caches in 9 different gorges around Ithaca before logging it


#900 was "The Spot" (GC39)


#909 was an Event cache held on 09/09/09


I'm currently at 922 finds.

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Oh, my. I'm gonna hijack your thread and say, Then how should I celebrate my 100th??


I'm approaching it and hoping to reach this milestone by my 1 year geocaching anniversary Nov. 9th.


I've already done virtuals, multi's and mysteries. There is one Earth Cache I've attempted before, but it involves walking in some water and it's too cold for that now. I considered buying one of those 100 finds coins...but I'm thinking that should be for even more than a 100.


As I sit here and think about it, I think I'm going to get my hubby to join me on my 100th find. I know if he'd give it a go that he'd like it. He loves camping, hunting and fishing, I just don't understand why he thinks he won't like geocaching.


Anyway - WTG on your 50th! I think it's a number to toast to!

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I finally get to hit #50 today!! (it was supposed to be 2 weekends ago, but there were issues!) Anyway, its not the #50 that's exciting, but the caching-company! We have very close friends that we see maybe once a year... and this will be the first time geocaching with them!! They've been doing it much longer than we have, so, I'm letting them help with a 4* micro that (judging from the logs!) appears to be a real bear to find! Can't wait!!!

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