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Garmin North America NT 2010 software

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I have a Garmin HCx with North America City Navigator 2010 on it. I want to purchase another Garmin GPSr for my child (he has been borrowing mine up until now, but he's getting so that he wants to have one of his own when we geocache) and wondered if I have to purchase another copy of this program or can I use the program on a second GPSr. ?? Anyone know how this works? Is there a discount for a second licence or can you use the program on multiple units once you have purchased it?





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No, you might not need to buy another copy of the maps.


The eTrexes don't come with preloaded maps so you have added them yourself in some way.


If you got the maps on DVD you can buy a second unlock code for the second unit. You just need the serial number of the second unit (and $75 if it's still the same price as last time I bought one). You can get the second unlock code by phoning Garmin's customer service, by going through your MyGarmin account or by using the Manage Maps feature in Mapsource.


If you bought the SD card version of the maps or the download version you will have to buy another copy because you cannot copy them.



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DVD versions of City Navigator North America after v8 only come with a single unlock code.

Perhaps you missed the part where I said:


If you got the maps on DVD you can buy a second unlock code for the second unit.

or the other part where I said:


...(and $75 if it's still the same price as last time I bought one).



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No, I didn't miss it.


But people have recently reported that Garmin wouldn't sell just another unlock code and required the users to purchase another DVD. YMMV.

I have not seen those reports. Based on my personal experience I wouldn't put much stock in them in any case. It sounds like someone just didn't get the right customer service rep. I'm not aware of any such policy change at Garmin.


I think the last really annoying map policy change was when they stopped allowing two FREE unlock codes. I wouldn't be surprised if that hasn't simply morphed into a myth-understanding that you can't buy multiple unlock codes.


For the record, I just checked on MyGarmin and I still have the option to "Unlock Additional GARMIN Unit" beside all of my registered maps.



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