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2010 Fall Picnic


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Mark your calendar! The 2010 Indiana Fall Picnic site has been chosen.


Indiana geocachers will celebrate Geocaching's 10 year. anniversary at a special venue. On the weekend of September 10-12th, Boondock Farms, located in Knightstown, will become 160 acres of geocaching fun.

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The Fall Picnic cache pages have been published. This year's picnic celebrates Geocaching's 10th anniversary with a special venue and added activites. Visit us the weekend of September 10-12 at Boondocks Farms in Knightsville.


The cache pages tell you some event details but the Fall Picnic website tells it all.

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Anyone camping this year?


Not sure what my work schedule is going to look like yet since I just started a new job. That, & I may need some help talking Mrs. AWTY into camping on our wedding anniversary! :unsure:


Awwwww! What better way to spend your anniversary than around a big ol' campfire celebrating with friends. Sounds perfect. :blink::blink:


Our work schedules are what are really keeping our plans in limbo right now. I am training on a new job & don't know for sure what shift I will be on to know whether or not I even get those days off. The company I work for now runs 24/7/365, so even holidays are work days. They are just very well paid work days! :grin:

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