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Garmin Legend USB wire

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I love my Garmin eTrex Legend and even dropped a few extra bucks for the Trip and Waypoint Manager software to backup and easily load waypoints.


The problem I have is the wire to connect the Garmin has an ancient 9-pin attachment, and my new laptop only has USB ports. Garmin will sell be an adapter and what looks like additional software for way too much. I've seen a generic adapter on eBay for under $10, but I don' know if it will work.


Anyone with experience with this problem? Will the bargain adapter work, or is there something specific I need in the Garmin package?




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Wulfgar - Up until recently I was running with a Garmin etrex venture (+ 9 yrs old). I didnt have the original cable so I purchased 1 ($49). I then realised that it was a 9 pin serial and there was no port on my puter so i bought a serial / usb port adaptor ($36). i then realised the cable was a female end and so was the serial / usb adapter. Back to the store for a female to male adapter ($ 19). got it all together and voila it didnt work..!!! it all went back and I gave up..!! You can find the serial / port adapters with the circuitry at many places on the net for around $ 10. They all looked homemade to me and thats 1 of the reasons I gave up....the other reason was the cords were getting more expensive than what I thought the gps was worth.... good luck

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You can pick a cable up at a computer shop.. You need an RS -232 USB to serial converter cable.. I just picked one up last week,, Paid around the $25.00 range ... any computer shop should work,,, they want $99 for the Garmin cable around here.... the $25.00 cable works like a charm... I use it for my Legend and GPS Map76.. :D

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Most usb-to-serial adapters use either the Prolific PL-2303 chipset or the FTDI chipset.


I have both, and both work with my ole blue Legend. Others have opined that the FTDI works better than the Prolific. So, for a better chance of success, look for one with the FTDI chipset.


You have to install its driver since it is not a default usb mass storage device.


Install the driver BEFORE you ever connect the adapter to the PC the first time.

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