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Feature request: be able to make a bookmark list of bookmark lists

Sol seaker

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There are so many good bookmark lists running around these days.

It would be nice to be able to have them all on one page (at least my favorites).


In my area, there are tons of lists of favorite caches. I'd love to have those lists on one page.


There are also a number of night cache lists. Be nice to have those on one page too.


But it would also be nice to have a list of NW favorite bookmark lists.


I regularly look at a number of them and it would be nice to be able to have them all on one page.


Like the challenges caches list, the small boat list, the night caches list, etc. My favorite bookmark list.


The NW forums have a thread for sharing bookmark lists. Be nice to have them all on one page.

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This looks like a job for...

your web browser of choice!

Infinitely customizable to your own preferences, too! :blink:


I see your point, but where would it end? :anibad:


Would a bookmark list of favorite compilations of bookmark lists containing multiple subordinate bookmark lists actually be helpful?

By the time you drilled down to the substance, you might have forgot what you were looking for. :(

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