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Your personal favorite NW Cache?

Sol seaker

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Just wondering what people's PERSONAL choice is for a favorite NW cache is.


I've seen the list on the Washington state geocaching association site, but what I'm looking for here is people's personal favorites.


Mine has to be GCJQPE Mountain Loop Mine. It's a multi-cache on the Mountain Loop Highway that you have to go to the back of a short mine shaft to get the coordinates to the final. When we were there there was a family sitting at the entrance. they were curious, and so they ended up helping us get the coordinates. We really needed their flashlight assistance too. The six year old was a lot of fun. that cache was a lot of fun!!!


That's just the first that comes to mind. I'll post more after there are more answers.


I'd love to see some local ones that have been overlooked by the population in general.

"Hidden Gems" you might say.


But I'd also love to learn about more well-sought after caches, that everyone knows about, but I haven't been around long enough to hear about yet.



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Great idea. I've thought about working on a list of caches for each county or area of the state that out of towners could use to visit great caches since it's always hard going somewhere new and sifting through hundreds of random caches figuring out which ones to visit. I think as a state, it makes sense for us to show the cream of the crop sorta deal since we get so many out of towners coming here, especially with geowoodstock coming up. I'll try and start on something now unless there is a list already out there, would love to see it :mad:

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Half Moon Cache which is east of Raymond near a little town Lebam (named for the Post Master's wife Mabel spelled backwards) placed on July 22, 2001.


I found it with Bruce, Ajetpilot on 10-03-2004. The little avatar of me on this post is taken there. If you want a larger look, it is also my 700th cache picture in my Profile. As usual, I was trailing along behind Bruce when he said "I don't see what's so great about this place. A few minuts later we rounded a bend, when Bruce said "OW MY GOD WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT".


Then afterwards we stopped at the LeBam tavern and had one of their famous cheeseburgers and beer. I had coffee. With my beard and Carhartts I fit right into the locals, most being elk hunters. They kept asking if I had got my elk yet.


That was just a few days over 5 years ago and was probably my best cache ever.


Dick, W7WT

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My favorite is "The Wicked Woods" near Olympia. This is a night cache and is pretty difficult. There are glints on the trees, but not a well defined trail to get to the cache. You also have to crawl under trees and on occasions we lost our way and had to backtrack. Overall, this was a Great Night Cache!!!!

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Looking around i just found that Hydnsek has a Northwest Classics bookmark list.

She knows a lot of people and had done quite a few caches, so I'm sure she's a good authority on the subject. I don't know if she's put any of her own caches on there though. Some of her's definately deserve to be.




I'm sure there are many more too.


That reminds me of one of Hydnsek's caches.

GC15ABB Turntable a Multi cache in Coal Creek Park next to Cougar Mtn.

She has done a fantastic job on this cache. She put a lot of thought and research into it, as she does tend to do. This was no quick flash publish a cache job. She has done a wonderful job of indentifying the ruins in the old mining camp there and giving great history of the area.

Well worth your time!!


Still looking for more personal favorites too!!

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Half Moon Cache which is east of Raymond near a little town Lebam (named for the Post Master's wife Mabel spelled backwards) placed on July 22, 2001.


This is the 2nd or 3rd time this one has come up. I'll most likely try to make this my 250th find, which is coming up in a few weeks here, can't wait!


Definitely one of our favorites!

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Not "the" favorite, but definitely a high point of my recent caching: Cephalopod's Garden II in Ocean Shores. The journey is definitely the thing here - I could have spent hours here and I'm sure I missed a lot. I'm not normally a fan of "private property" caches, but this one is totally approachable, you're not on display as you "search," and it's fascinating.

I did that one during the WSGA Campout in August, and it was way cool! :P Gave me ideas for my greenbelt area, where I've been clearing debris and blackberry and building trails all summer. Now I'm decorating, but I have a long way to go to match those guys!

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I would have to vote for


Mission 9: Tunnel of Light - GC1169


When I did this cache, the tunnel was still open. Great experience hiking thru. Unfortunately, the tunnel isn't open, so a longer overland hike is required.


Still , one of the last original A.P.E. caches.




Hmmm, found a thread about possible repairs planned for the tunnel, so there is hope!



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