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Best Wherigo GPSr

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What's the current best GPSr for playing Wherigo?

  • Colorado?
  • Oregon?
  • Other?

And what's the best version and update combo?


I've been caching for years with Garmin Rino 120s and 130s (and love 'em), so I'm used to using them.


I also use a Sprint Palm Treo 750p with CacheMate; would that be useful for Wherigos?



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Honestly, a Pocket PC running the Player or a cell phone with OpenWig. You'll have to check the rest of the hardware forum for which cell phones are compatible with OpenWig. The Garmin Player has some bugs that aren't quite obvious until you start playing anything but a simple cartridge (Garmin's fault).


Of the Garmin GPSrs, I would suggest the Colorado as the one with the least problems. I can run a few of my resource-intensive cartridges on it without a problem whereas they bring the Oregon to a crawl. I haven't upgraded to the latest Colorado firmware, so I'm not sure if their Player includes any fixes.

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Not the Garmin Oregon! as Ranger Fox has written, best for Wherigo is some flavor of Pocket PC. No problems handling any cartridge, no inexplicable shutdowns, slow loading, refusal to restart or save games, as you'll see with Oregon, and to a lesser extent with Colorado.

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