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Garmin Waypoint manager

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Can anyone assist - please?


I've recently purchased the Garmin Oregon 400t. An excellent device that I'm very happy with…..but:


Can anyone please tell me is there a way to delete waypoints etc on the device, using my PC. I have tried several free bits of software and now shelled out for Garmin trip and waypoint manager. It seems to me that they all will write to the GPS but WONT DELETE.


Every time I make a change to a waypoint on the PC software it just creates a new copy on the GPS and the old one remains. I now have about a zillion waypoints that I don't want and deleting them on my device is tedious to say the least.

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I am new to all this also, but I recall something that may help.


Can you:

1. download all your waypoints to your pc, and save them.

2. Copy those pc waypoints into separate files to group them into manageable ways.

3. Delete the waypoints on the garmin as described by bao.

4. upload just the waypoints you need from your pc to the GPSr.


Would this work?



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That's how I've been doing it too. I have a "master file" of all waypoints. Plus other more specialized ones, geocaches, hunting, parks, ect.

For the Hunting and Parks waypoints...things that you would like to be on your GPS all the time...you're better off loading them as Points of Interest (POIs). Get the POI loader from Garmin and create a CSV file with the longitude, latitude and name (with an optional detailed description). Then you don't have to keep re-loading them every time you clear out old waypoints! :P


Example CSV file (a few places I go bird watching):

-80.75389,28.2294,"Viera Wetlands","South Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility

1001 Wickham Road

Melbourne, FL 32940

(321) 868-1122"

-82.1118,26.44432,"Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge","1 Wildlife Drive

Sanibel, FL 33957

(239) 472-1100"

-81.60254,26.37491,"Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary","375 Sanctuary Road West

Naples, FL 34120

(239) 348-9151"

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