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Geocaching in Jordan, Syria, Libanon

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I am going to visit Jordan, Syria and Lebanon in a round trip in November.


Are there any Geocachers around? Do you have recommendations for caches? Is it possible to search for little plastic boxes without problems in these countries?


Greetz from Hamburg,




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I realize I'm bumping a really really old post here, but what the heck...


I just joined the website a few days ago, and found my first Geocache yesterday along with my friend Fimus85 (he's new too).


We both live in Lebanon, and there are 7 more caches to be found.

(Up to date, there's officially 10 of them in Lebanon, looked and found 1 of them, another one is destroyed, yet another is nowhere to be found).


So from now on, whoever is coming to Lebanon and wants to Geocach, let us know, and if our schedules permit it, we'll go Geocaching together.


You can e-mail me by visiting my profile, or post something on here if you want.


Annett, sorry I wasn't around in 2009 (more like I didn't know about Geocaching), but next time you're in Lebanon, we'll join forces.


PS: If somebody organizes a Geocaching event in Syria, you can count me (and maaaaybe Fimus) in if there's no schedule conflicts. I can get myself to Syria (Damascus or Aleppo) by bus, so we'll need to be picked-up by somebody with a car from the bus station, to go on a Geocash hunt with whoever's picking us up.

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Most like ly I'll be based in Palestine in 2011 and it'd be a nice idea to set an event within Syria. Will keep it in mind.

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