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Looking for Help with a School Project from the United States


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Hi! Maybe you could help me out or put me in contact with someone that can. My name is Larry Cooper. I am an elementary teacher near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania of the United States.

For a third grade class project, we would love to place our travel bugs in a geocaches throughout different countries in Asia. We would love these travel bugs to move across your country so we can learn more about your beautiful country plus some world geography. If you can take pictures for us along its way, we would be grateful.

We would love to hear from any teacher or anyone that might want to help us out and we would reciprocate the idea for you or a class and place a travel bug sent to us.

Thank you from a fellow geocacher and teacher,



* You don't have to be a teacher to help me...I would appreciate any geocacher that would be willing to place a travel bug for us!

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Hi, Larry, I'm Larry!


I teach at Sinyong Elementary School in the city of Cheonan, Korea.


Geocaching here in Korea is not as extensive as I would have thought, but there are about 30-40 new caches published each week. I put out four new ones last week, and couple more out in the country the week before.


Most caches tend to be micros, and TB's are not as plentiful. Even swag is not traded a lot. But, I have launched a few TB's here.


I also launched some TB's in the U.S. last July that have Korean themes. I think one is in Virgina and one is in California now, and one is in someone's hands.


Anyway, I'd be more than happy to carry a traveler with me. I'd hesitate to place one in a cache, because I think it would either sit for a long time or go missing. I just found a cache last week, a micro in a park near another elementary school, that had not been found for nearly a year! But, we do get to some interesting places and I always have my camera, so I'd be glad to take photos along the way. I can take photos of the TB at my school and with my students, too.


We have a big geoevent in the city of Daegu next month and a TB would get a lot of logs. If you want to have several traveling, I'm sure some of the cachers there would be willing to participate. We usually have a mix of expats like myself, and a growing group of avid Korean cachers. Sometimes we have visitors from Japan or other countries.


Of course, I'd be glad to exchange with a Korean themed TB if you like.


Let me know what you think.



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