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Anyone reviewed the Nuvifone?


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Has anyone reviewed the Nuvifone, and its cache capabilities?


This review makes me glad I did not wait for it to come out before upgrading our phones. Given the restrictive nature of the Linux based OS that the nuviphone uses, I wonder if it could be used for caching. I have Garmin Mobile XT on my ASUS pda/gpsr and its great for driving directions but could not get you to a cache -- for that you need another application. Perhaps the "nuvi" part of the phone would work for caching (I doubt if it would support whereigos), but I have my questions about it for a number of reasons


I have heard that Garmin-Asus is planning to release other models with other OS's. Perhaps by the time my present contract expires, they will have gotten it right. But for now . . . .

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