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COINTEST: Halloween Costume Cointest

The Stoned Wookie

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Would you be interested in a costume cointest? You would need to post your picture which is why I'm asking. I would pick a random post and that would be the winner. The winner will get a Guardians of the Night - Halloween Edition geocoin.


Sure! I missed out on that one.

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Here are a couple of pics of me. This first one was not for halloween. This is me in zombie makeup for a zombie movie that I was in last year. Actually, it just got released on DVD this week, so if anyone is interested in it, email me and I'll tell you the title.



This one was last weekend at my church. They do something called "Trunk-or-Treat" in the parking lot. All the cars park in a circle with the trunks facing in, and then decorate them. The neighborhood kids then get to go around getting candy in a safe environment. This is me with my younger son.


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Since they do not celebrate Halloween here in Australia, I take the kids to the American Wives of Perth annual Halloween party. We tried going out trick or treating last year and ended up getting a cough drop at one house! :( At the party they did trunk or treating and played lots of neat games. They didn't get a lot of candy (as I think there were at least 1000 kids there) compared to the pillowcase they would get at home in Canada but I think they had a fun time anyway.



And of course I had to post this one of me in my first year of caching I was hit hard by the caching bug!


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heres zariah tonight before treating!





and out treating, after a long week we really needed this for the smiles.




and someone asked that i won last year with the photos above,post 16 :(:D , i know i did post them, but i dont belive i won. i am very proud of my make up jobs, and creativity with the costumes. this year and last are all about zariah!! if she wins here the coin will go to her collection. :unsure:

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Thanks for the cointest!


Yesterday, we went to a big Halloween geocaching event in Germany. A few limitations to the costume: the costume I ordered didn't arrive on time... then the Halloween costumes shop in the Hague was out of viampire teeth... and because we were goging nightcaching at the event and iet's a bit cold this time of the year, trousers, fleece sweater and winter jacket had to be included int he costume ;-) But we had a lot of fun at the event and did a few nightcaches before driving back to the Netherlands again!





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My kids in their Halloween costumes:








My daughter wanted to wear the horse costume, but she also wanted to be a princess. So she wore the skirt and told everyone she was a 'princess horse'. :rolleyes:


My oldest son wanted to be something scary this year, but all we had was the bee costume. So we told him he could be a 'killer' bee. I wanted to draw a moustache on his face and give him a machine gun, but my wife isn't a big SNL fan and didn't get the reference. :P

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