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Excuses for DNF....


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Happened to read this from a DNF log entry just the other day and was amused at the originality of the excuse. Wondered what excuses others have seen or indeed, used!


PAF to confirm we were in right area as GPSr wasn't settling in the wind, but still no luck





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Seen on the logs for one near me: "Had a look at the location and ran away."


DNF on one of my own caches: "oh for some obvious stickoflage!!"


One I DNFed: "Couldn't find it, was with one of the cache owners who was fairly sure that was where it *wasn't*, ...."


And one I've often felt like logging (but won't as this is a family site) especially when confronted with another pointless hunt for a film can that probably wasn't there anyway:


"F*ck knows. ::o("

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I nearly had a DNF due to a herd of very aggressive sheep. I'm sure they had sharp pointy teeth. :unsure:

On a cache that I'd already DNF due to be chased by a herd of cows with the light fading.

The cache was High Audlands, which has since been archived.


Another cache close by I've DNF'd a couple of times. On the first occasion I found a caching calling card stuffed in the wall, and the same cacher had posted a 'found' log - I know from the owner that its not where the calling card was. I keep meaning to call by and actually find it.


I've also posted a DNF on a couple of fell-top caches due to the wind - not that the wind was preventing the GPS getting a lock, more I wasn't willing to take the risk of being blown over the edge. Skiddaw was just impossible to actually stand up when we crested the top from Carl Side. Another fell-top DNF was due to the huge vastness of potential hiding places, with the helpful clue of 'Under a Rock'. Anyone who's walked from Coniston, up the old man (oo-errr) and along Dove crag will understand!


There's been a few I've DNF'd and then found on a second attempt in spots that were SO obvious I can't believe I hadn't looked there.

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Another fell-top DNF was due to the huge vastness of potential hiding places with the helpful clue of "under a rock" anyone who's walked from Coniston up the Old Man and along Dove Crag will understand

I can only assume from this,and from back checking the DNF logs that the cache is the one on Dow Crag,as there is not a Dove Crag on the Coniston Fells,The cache in question may have a useless clue,but the whole summit of Dow Crag is a boulder field and it would be difficult to give a more precise clue to it's location,even if a compass bearing was given say from the summit,(there is no trig point) and the distance given in yards to stride,this would still be no more accurate than the given co-ords given the terrain to scramble over,therefore ,sometimes a lousy clue can be all that is on offer weather hated or not,I can only suggest that would be searchers look carefully within a couple of yards of the co-ords,but more importantly,any rocks that are moved are replaced in there original locations,with moss,lichen uppermost.

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One of Brentorboxer's Dartmoor caches (Thornworthy Tor) had "under a rock" as a clue. As you can imagine there are a lot of rocks up on Thornworthy Tor, but it was actually a very easy find but I'm sure extremely frustrating if you don't find it early on.


I went to check before writing this and I found that she's archived it recently ... not sure why.

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This is not a true DNF because the cache doesn't exist on geocaching.com, but those of you who have done the Rainbow series of virtual caches will know the clues take you to a physical cache at the end.


My brother and I decided to go looking for the physical cache at the end which is (or was at the time) located on a famous heath. We ended up scrabbling around in a large natural bowl full of bushes. Worse, We'd had a couple of beers for lunch and so I was in need of the toilet.


So I found a particularly large bush and proceeded with watering the wild life behind it. In mid flow, I happened to look up at the edge of the bowl and there was a strange man there perfectly motionless watching what my brother and I were doing. Looking around, we noticed there were other strange men hanging around in various parts of the landscape. Some of them were doing.... err, well.... things....


We decided not to hang around long enough to find the cache.

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One of mine:

Was deeply engrossed in searching when a voice behind me said "You must be hard up Paul to be looking in 'phone boxes for loose change!". It was a work colleague who happened to be passing. Trust me to be muggled by someone I know at 5:30 am! After I explained what I was looking for he looked at me like I was mad. I may do the same the next time I pass a mirror

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