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question about garmin's 60csx

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Maps aren't necessary to get started, however they do make it a whole lot easier to survey the landscape. Before you shell out the coin for the garmin topos, I suggest you take a look at gpsfiledepot.com. There are topos for just just about anywhere in the US and they're free! Many of them are 1:24000 scale and are much more detailed than the 1:100000 scale garmin maps. I've got Topo US 2008 and the Ohio Topo from the depot. In my area, the maps from the depot absolutely smoke the garmin maps in the contour line department. I have noticed that the water data on the garmin maps is better than the free ones, as they provide more intermittent waterways.


All in all, you really can't go wrong with the free ones, heck the price is right for at least a look see. Most if not all come with an installer so you can use them with mapsource on your computer. Garmin maps have one more edge though, Topo US contains DEM shading data which aids in the visual presentation of the maps, but you'll be using a 60 (just like me!) and that unit doesn't support the relief shading, you'll only be able to see it on the computer.


If you've got any other questions I'll be happy to help, just ask away.


All the best,




Edit: I assume by your screen name you're in CA so I've added the link to CA's Topo with 20 foot contours: http://www.gpsfiledepot.com/maps/view/28/

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No problem! Glad to help. I totally got burned when i got my GPS. I went and bought the Topo DVD only to discover afterwards that there were better, cheaper options available. I forgot to ask, are you on a PC or a Mac, because there are some differences where software is concerned. I myself am running Windows XP, so if you use a mac, you'll have to hope one of the Mac savvy users is around if you need help, 'cause I'll have noo idea at that point. If you run a PC however I'll be able to help. Some of this garmin stuff can be a real headache your first time thru. I took some GIS courses while I was in school and still got twisted by garmin's software sometimes.

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no kidding! i was looking at the garmin software on their website and was unpleasantly surprised at their prices. after throwing down as much money as i did on getting the 60csx i wasn't really into paying a hundred plus bucks on more maps haha.


and i'm on a mac! although i have easy access to a pc too so i can work with either. after reading some of the posts on here about getting the garmin up and running i'm sure i'll need as much help as i can get! :unsure:

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Despite the price of maps, you should be delighted with your choice of handheld. It doesn't have all the "paperless" bells and whistles but it's a sold unit nonetheless. Accurate as all get out and virtually indestructable to boot! I've taken a couple of spills with mine clipped to the shoulder strap of my Camelbak while trail riding, and the thing just keeps going! The free maps I pointed you to have mac installers, so however you go about getting software on those things you should be good to go.


Caching only accounts for about 10% of my usage, the rest is trail riding, hiking, and exploring. Ohio, boonies, hillbilly stuff ya know. What I can tell ya is to thoroughly read the instruction manual and find stuff online. Get to know the ins and outs. I barely have to look at mine to use it anymore. However, I'm just a gadget geek and a map junkie. I've got a little over a year of experience with mine and am fairly confident in my abilities with it, so, once you get it, if you've got any general usage questions, I'll help any way I can. Don't hesitate to drop my an e-mail thru my profile. Good luck, and congrats on the purchase. You'll be logging hikes in no time!


Take it easy,



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sounds perfect! i'm pretty clumsy by design (you should see what my phone looks like) so i was super happy to hear that the gps can take hits without a problem. i'm a big explorer and also enjoy hiking so i'm really excited about adding this handheld to my arsenal.


i'm sad that i just recently got into geocaching when my school year started instead of at the beginning of the summer. once i get my gps in the mail my studies are probably going to go all downhill haha.


and thank you for the offer to help, i'm truly grateful! hopefully i'll be able to figure out most of it on my own, but don't be surprised if you see a message from me lurking in your inbox! :unsure:



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i think i'm beginning to get the hang of this thing after an hour of being frustrated with it! i've downloaded a few mac-friendly programs and now i'm trying to figure those out (instead of studying). my friends and i are planning like a geocache adventure on friday night so hopefully i can look like i know what i'm doing in two days haha.

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