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Buying refurbished unit

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I looking for my first GPS unit. My favourites are Garmins 60Csx or Colorado 300. I found both of them on ebay for approx 300$ but in "refurbished" condition. According to seller refurbished means that unit was returned to Garmin where it was thoroughly checked and then offered back for lower price. It is also stated that it si like new and flawless.

Do somebody have any experience with such refurbished units? Should I believe it?


Thanks for any info.

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I've bought refurbished tech toys in the past and they looked and acted just like new so I've had very good experiences with refurbished tech toys. The only thing I would caution you on is that although refurbished units come with a warranty it's usually only valid if it's bought from an authorized dealer of that particular brand.


I've got a family member that bought a large flat screen TV off a seller that was not an authorized dealer for that brand of TV and then she was stuck with a non-functioning TV because the manufacturer only honors warranties if the merchandise is bought from an authorized dealer. The sellers reply was he'd never said he was an authorized dealer and if she got that impression from reading his very skillfully written auction ad (meaning he implied very heavily that he was, but stopped just a hair short of actually saying it) then it was her fault. So make sure you buy from an authorized dealer for the brand you are looking at and you'll basically be gettting the equivalent of new, but at a used price and that's a hard deal to beat. Good luck! :lol:

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I got a refurbished vista and it seems to be OK, it was in a new box and looked like new. I did have to update the software, which I thought was wierd. I would not have known it was refurbished if they did not tell me.


It can't be any worse then a buggy new unit. You still have the warrenty, garmin will "refurbish" it again if it's bad, and you save a lot of money.

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