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Signal's Law

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So what are some of Signal's Laws that you've figured out? I know there are more, but here are a couple. Please help me compile the list:


"A cache you own will only need maintenance at the most inopportune time, such as when you're out of town or sick."


"Caches that are published in the evening will only be published on the evenings you decide to go to bed early."

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All the new caches that pop up in your area will be hidden under light pole covers.


Coordinates entered by hand will have digits transposed - and not the very last 2, so you'll be hundreds or thousands of feet away.


The hint will be useless. (I had one today that read, "Too easy to need a hint", or some such)


The TB you've been searching for for 9 months will have been taken 30 minutes earlier.

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The day you decide to go paperless, you have to print something up for work the next day and your cartridges are out of ink :lol:


When you think that there are going to be muggles everywhere when going after a particular cache in a public place, theres not a soul around. When you think your absolutely positively alone in the woods in the most obscure part of the wilderness, you look over and someones walking by. :)

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You'll never drive less than 5 miles before you remember that you left your GPSr connected to your desktop computer at home.


You'll never drive less than 5 miles before you remember that you left your Flashlight next to your computer at home when your on your way to a midnight cache listing.


"The larger and more well-organized your event, the more likely someone will complain bitterly about their experience." :lol:


Sorry, had to. :)


You to huh?

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Your TOTT will be 6-inches too short.


I have no idea what that means. What's a TOTT?


TOTT – “Tool Of The Trade”. This generally indicates that some type of tool or instrument may be required to retrieve or gain access to a cache. The nature of the tool is usually not specified, but there may be hints within the cache page. It could be an actual tool, such as a screwdriver, or something as simple as a long stick to retrieve a cache from a high perch.


(Definition from http://geolex.locusprime.net/)

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Getting everything ready the night before the day you want to go out hunting caches on your day off. Downloading about a dozen or so GC's in a park that is running rampid with them. Driving the 40 plus miles to said park the next day only to find that you didnt download the dozen or so GC's like you thought and only had 2 or 3 that you actually have coords for because you didnt double check yourself...geez :unsure:

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When you bushwack your way through thorns to the cache because you are sure there is no trail, you will find the trail right next to the cache when you get there.

OR the easiest path to a cache is the one you take leaving it.

Boy, you got that right. I experienced just that kind of situation on one of my four finds today.


A corollary to that is, "the first approach vector you take to the cache is always the hardest possible approach."


Here's another: When you come to a fork in the trail, the first path you decide to take is always the wrong path.

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Looking for a cache that you think is on a cliff edge and being up on the top side. Believing that GZ has to be down at the base of the cliff and painfully making your way to the base around and through every kind of obstacle imaginable. Getting down there and realizing that GZ was actually back up on the top side where you started....and finding the GC right when you finally manage to get back up the :unsure: re.

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