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WALK THROUGH the WORLD -Vanelle's Trackable Personal Geocoin

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I'm really happy to announce the arrival of my personal trackable coin!! They arrived last week, and I'm so pleased that today the sun came out so I could get some decent photographs. I visit a fair amount of caches, and so made a simplified non-trackable version of this coin to use as swag. There's an older thread about those here.


I couldn't really call it done, though, until I had finished a trackable version.


I'm most certainly going to set a bunch free into the world. I am also going to bring a pile to GCF for trading (and save some for ASP, DrNeal!). After that, I don't know. If folks actually like them, I would think about trading/selling here in the forums after I get back from Salt Lake City next week. I'm quite excited to share about them, and would appreciate any feedback/comments. Thanks.


So, I put the design notes at the bottom, because hardly anyone ever reads them anyway (in fact, I doubt anyone has even made it this far....)

Let's get to the good part: PICTURES and COIN DETAILS.


Size = 1.75"

Thickness = 3.5 mm



Antique Silver with Translucents: Regular Edition = 150 minted



Antique Copper with Translucents: Limited Edition = 75 minted



Antique Silver with 'Weird Girl in Black' soft enamels: Extremely Limited Edition (because my family hated my favorite color choices!) = 25


The design itself is pretty personal.


The front features some elements that appeal to me and say something about my geocaching style. I travel a fair amount and publish a lot of puzzle and earthcaches. The little stars in the sky are really constellations - my favorite (Orion, harbinger of winter here in the northern hemisphere) shows up just under and to the left of the question mark. There's also a tree imbedded in the image of the earth, through the use of the translucent enamels.


The back has this little "Vanelle" logo of a girl walking thorugh the world. I sketch that quick cartoon in every log I sign. Behind the V is a compass rose, and behind that, the topo map for home. You can see my house, barn, and roadside corner. I like how the silver version reminds me of blueprints, and how the copper version reminds me of soil.


The quotes are both apt and sentimental. One is from an experience with a lifelong friend, and one, from a song that has special meaning in my marriage. I have a fondness for words (can't quite shake the english major out of me), and these fit for both my lifestyle, and caching.


Thanks for looking.

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Merging with the original thread for this coin, remember, one coin, one thread, keep all the history intact.




I didn't realize that if they are both similar, they should be in the same thread. These are different coins, so I started a new one. One is non-trackable (1.5") and with a slightly different design. The other is larger and trackable. Sorry!

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I sincerely appreciate the kind words. This was a trial by fire for me and a huge learning curve. I look forward to trading with those of you who are interested.


I forgot to mention that it does have a unique icon. Here it is:




Yes indeed, your Walking Through The World Geocoin is So Beautiful. Cant wait to trade, feel free to send us your seeking list. Job well done Vanelle :lol:

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So, after all the trading at GCF, I do have a few Vanelle trackable coins left. If you have something on my seeking list (or something unusual, or a personal) you’d like to trade, please let me know via my gc.com profile. I have a pretty limited seeking list, so I’m going to offer some of the regular edition (blue) for sale as well. If $11 for the coin plus $2 for S&H seems fair to you, then send me your paypal information and I’ll send out an invoice and package up a coin for you.


Thanks to everyone for the trades so far. I have really enjoyed sharing this design with the coin community.

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