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Get your very own poker chip signature item!

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I am now pulling together exhibits for my 'Art of Geocaching' event in Worcester, England. After my initial request for exhibits and a request for geocoins, I found that a few geocachers from around the world said they would have liked to attend the event but can't because of the distance.


So to part rectify this I have created a new hands-on exhibit that people many miles from England can participate in…


I have about 300 poker chips available and some sheets of 25mm circular labels. Since my poker chip signature item section is very sparse, I decided to make this new exhibit. This is a hands-on exhibit, 'Make your own geocaching poker chip'. If you want a few poker chip signature items, post a reply on this thread with an linked photo of your design (please make it circular in shape). I will then reproduce it on my colour laser printer onto the labels. I'll pick out some poker chips, stick the labels on and voila! Your very own poker chip signature item, yours to keep. I will show one in the exhibition and then post them all to you.




What are you waiting for? Post your design and what colour poker chip you would prefer… Then PM me through my profile page with your postal address.

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I've always toyed with the idea of making one with this design :




Kinda obscure, but that's "chrysalis" in Chinese small seal script (about 220 BC). No plural form in Chinese, so no "chrysalides".


If you decide to use it, pick one of those mostly white with a bit of colored border. No need to mail it to me either - I'd probably make some myself at a later date.


By the way, I seem to recall you asking for pathtags in another thread. Send me your address and I'll mail you one of mine. Hope it gets to you in time - sorry for procrastinating.

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Wow, thanks GEO*Trailblazer 1, you done most of the work for me!


@Chrysalides: I have finished the prototype, I chose a black 100 chip, a two slightly different blank white/blue chips...



Sorry my camera isn't very good with close-ups.


...now on to Snoogans...

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Tavisman : those chips look good :lol: And sorry about the confusion about the graphics. I received an e-mail from kunarion who used that Chinese character and made a really cool looking image. I mistakenly assumed it was from you without checking the sender properly *sigh*


To Kunarion : many thanks - it looks great! And good luck with the 5/5!

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To Kunarion : many thanks - it looks great! And good luck with the 5/5!

No problem. Hope you can use the image somewhere.


I've been thinking about posting a design of my own, to see how it looks on a poker chip. It's a neat idea. I've only ever found one "sticker-type" poker chip in a cache.


UPDATE: Tavisman, here's my "team member kunarion" Team FRN Logo design, which you're welcome to print:



That might look very stylish on a green poker chip. But black goes with everything, so no big deal. That's one logo I'd like to do as a Pathtag, which I certainly will, as soon as I become a millionaire. Any day now.


And I think GEO*Trailblazer 1's buffalo chip is spectacular!

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That'd look really good on a pathtag :lol: Too bad they're a little on the expensive side.


Are you a graphics designer / artist by profession?

I do a little web graphics, and some infrequent freelance graphics (sometimes by request for logos or t-shirts). But I'm beginning to find my way around Photoshop and Illustrator. Good to see someone printing up items (for poker chips) and putting it all together.

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Just finished Kunarion's. I really like this one...


I love it! My brother drew the fox for me, about 15 years ago (I collect "fox" related items). I've re-used that image many times.


Guy at work had a handful of hardware and said "I got some free running nuts here if you need them. That would make a good name for a rock band, 'Free Running Nuts'."


I told him it would be an even better name for a Geocaching team. Then I told him I'm taking it.

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The thing I hate about homemade chips is that they don't hold up to moisture.


I also make these for myself and sometimes others and I have gone back and found some of the chips 2 years later in caches and they look fine. It all depends on the labels you use as well as the type of printer you have. Quality water resistant vinyl labels and photo-permanent inks in your printer and they can be expected to last quite some time. Yes even in one of my rarely found caches that was located on a saltwater delta area where the ammo can had all but rusted through {replaced with an all plastic container} and is submerged during each high tide.


Also the addition of an inexpensive 2x2 baggie makes them just a bit more resistant to the elements. About the only thing they don't hold up to is fire:


1st find after a local wildfire.

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