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Garmin comes up trumps...

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Having had my Garmin Colorado 300 now for 15 months, I had a slight problem... overuse !!!


The connector into which you plug the computer cable became loose within the unit...


A quick call to Garmin helpline (a person on the end of a telephone) and I was asked to send the unit back...


That was Monday... today I received a brand new unit with compliments of Garmin !!!


Now thats what I call service.


Well done chaps... !


(I will mention I have no connection with garmin, I dont work for them etc etc.)

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Same thing happened to me a while back with an old etrex about same age.


Brand new updated model arrived free of charge few days after they received the old one.


I was delighted with the speed and customer service......well done Garmin !

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After a fair amount of use, I sent in my Quest for a battery replacement for which I was expecting to pay and back came the Quest with a new battery a note from Garmin to say the battery should have lasted longer... no charge. Garmin certainly went up in my book and four GPSes later I am still loyal to them.

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I think it is actually poor design.

That depends how you look at it. This means I now have a 12 month warranty on something that was bought over 20 months ago, and a prolonged lifetime. Therefore it works for me!

Indeed. And I had my Legend replaced after 2 years because it kept crashing.


I would much rather though have a unit which is going to be reliable and works properly when I need it.


It's like having a TVR - nice car, goes quickly and you'll get it repaired quickly. The problem is, that on average it's going to break down more often than your Nissan Micra.


But like you said, a nicer company I doubt you'll ever find

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I am very disappointed with Garmin UK regarding my Colorado.



The Rock and Roller has had an intermitent fault for the last few months where it sometimes jumps when spinning and it will not allow you to select specific items from the menu or particular digits, not good when trying to enter coords.



I contacted them a few months back when it was just out of warranty and they sent me a new wheel, this failed to cure the problem so I rang them a couple of weeks ago and they wanted £85 to repair it but if I sent it in they would take a look. So I posted it Monday (£5 something postage) and despite it having my mobile number in for when they had checked it over, they simply returned it and sent a note saying that if I sent it back with my payment of £85 they would repair it. So that will be another £5 postage plus another week without it.



Why did they not ring me when they had it. :lol: Why did I not return it when the fault first developed rather than happily accepting a replacement wheel. :o:sad:



I am not sure if they have become stricter on repairs or if I caught them on a bad day.


Edit to add I have where possible helped others with their Colorado's and regularily provided feedback when using the various Beta software released for the unit.

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I have to say that i too have had what i would consider to be good service from Garmin.

When i had a problem with my Colorado battery cover seal they replaced the unit and started the warranty from scratch which, the original only had about 3 months left on it.

Recently i had the misfortune of dropping my Oregon which landed Screen down on a pointy stone, the Unit still worked but the touch screen was rather erratic, and made it almost impossible to use.

Garmin quoted me £107 for a replacement unit and a new 12 month warranty, which is more info than i could get from any other repairer! who basically wanted to charge for an inspection first and then repair at an additional price.

So i posted the unit of to gamin on monday late afternoon and the replacement arrived thursday mid morning, which i have to say is pretty quick considering the postal disputes at the moment.


So i think i have had a pretty good service from them. :lol:

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