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Venture HC/Garmin HCx battery life

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I was looking at the Legend HCx which has a rated battery life of 25 hours.


Then I compared it to the Venture HC, and it only has a rated battery life of 14 hours.


Why is there such a big difference? Is it all because of the memory differences? The venture is on-board while the legend is the micro sd.

Memory can't be the issue. The Legend HCx has at least as much internal memory as the Venture HC, maybe more. I can't hazard a guess where the difference is but it's not the amount of internal memory.



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The**x series has a different chipset and is more efficient, just like laptop chipsets have gotten more efficient over the years.


By that do you mean the actual receiver part of the GPS, because I was under the impression they were the same. I thought it was the mediatek chipset in each. If they are different chipsets, what is the difference?


Or do you mean the processor part?

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I've noticed this and commented on it in the past also.


Summarized: Garmin models with "X" in the name have very little onboard storage memory, but a slot for a memory card. The non-x models have more onboard memory but no slot. So... either onboard storage memory itself is a big power drain, or other changes specific to the X models are especially power-efficient.


Just guessing. Unless someone does a teardown and really looks at the chips, it's gonna stay a guess.

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Hmmm...i could have swore I read somewhere the HCx had 24mb internal memory?I went to Garmins

website just now and under internal memory in the specs it simply says"NO"...not sure what that means

as theres obviously some.....?


Well.....nothing more to add except it seems to be true.I took the batts out of my summitt(no H)that I used

for my 1st half dozen caches and put them in the HCx on Aug 21,I've done a fair bit of hiking since then for a total of 24 now (should mention its externally powered in the car)and still showing all the bars....

no complaints on batt life, but I am curious whats sucking the juice in the venture HC as well....?



I was thinking about what dakin55 said about the compass......when they test and list the ratings maybe

they are obligated to do so with all functions turned on....??? seems to me they would have to do this

or provide and breakdown of whats on,whats off etc....just an after thought....

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