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Hi desertfox41,

Have you tried reading *How to view caches using Google Earth it has a run down of info on how to use Google Earth. Have you Tried viewing caches just just Google maps? Go to your Profile page on the Right hand side is a box with lots of options Starting with 'Hello desertfox41' , you will find the fourth option is 'Search Options' under this is a square that reads 'Map it', just click on there and it will take you to Google Maps and show you all near by caches for you posted Home co-ords.


More help can be found both in Getting Started and Knowledgebase , hope some of this helps.

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thanks JABS i followed your lead and had caches up on google maps and earth ! problem is when i swapped back to google earth they have dissapeared again ! strange. tried refresh no good . HELP !



Sorry can't help more than that as I only use Google Maps. May try posting here Getting Started and will get a farster answer. Will loook at Google Earth over weekend and see if I can work it out.

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ok guys seemed to have solved the problem, brought caches up through mapit as above, left window live, reactivated geocach com, then geocache google earth viewer. bingo can now toggle between google maps & earth ! makes viewing caches all over australia very easy. i did this several times, the above problem seems to have gone ! maybe its gained some sort of memory and knows what i want to do! thanks guys for the help!

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