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GPS Not Showing Geocache Sites!

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I have a new Garmin Oregon 550T and have been using it for about a week now. I went to two sites this morning and when using the Geocaching mode was unable to find either of those sites in a search results. I knew they were there, and I had my iPhone handy and used that instead. But even though I was literally at GZ for both of those caches, Garmin didn't find them. I could find lots of other nearby caches, including ones I've previously found. Even rebooted just in case that was an issue. I've not been to either caches before and hadn't previously found them, their not mine....so I'm clueless why Garmin didn't pick them up.


Any guesses as to why Garmin didn't pick these two caches up?



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What makes you so certain they were loaded into the Oregon?


Well that's probably a real "duh" on my part. I thought that I'd loaded all the caches from my area but this is just probably me not realizing that I'd missed these two. Sometimes the simple answers are the ones on spot (much better than my theory that an alien race had set up shop on one of the GPS satellites and was doing after hours programming to ensure that those two sites wouldn't show up just as I needed them....).


Will check them again. Thanks!

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I had a problem one time with two Colorado 400T's. I loaded the same gpx file on both unit's SD cards. One unit had less caches than the other one. Swapped cards between units and the problem switched units. Re-formatted the SD card that had the problem and tried again. Problem solved.

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