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Jack Squat?


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I think there may have been a thread on this li'l coin but I cannot find it...


This Saturday I found a tiny coin, slightly larger than a US nickel, antique gold or bronze. On one side it has "JACK SQUAT" on the other it has "You've found... JACK SQUAT" and in teeny tiny letters around the lower edge "nothing nada nil zero zip zilch"


Can any one shed some light on this li'l keeper?


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I bought some untrackable micro compass roses instead of the jack squat coins ,from the same seller, they are sold in small medium and large quanitys on ebay and amazon. Small comes with 20 medium is 150 and large is 600. The cost goes down the more you buy, I got 20 compasses for about 20 bucks and the jack coins were the same price.

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