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How Long before FTF Claimed


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I have just had a multi cache published on the 23/09/09, but yet no ones claimed it. Around here they are normal found on the day of publication. So whats the longest time before someone claims the FTF. :lol:


People tend to take longer before attempting a multicache.. especially if it involves a puzzle - even a simple puzzle. Also I notice you have a 4 for difficulty - I think some people filter out more difficult caches, unfortunately. :D


You'll probably find that someone may be planning to tackle this when they have a bit of time free at the weekend.... Having said that, you don't appear to have any watchers either.


Not many FTF hounds round your area then?

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Five weeks.


Only two finders in the following calendar year.


I really don't think that the number of visits to a cache, or the frequency between those finds, is a good indicator of the quality or worthwhileness of a cache.


That cache, which took five weeks to attract a single finder, is still going strong six years later and has recently been complimented as being one of the best in the country.

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4 weeks; 4 months. Pah. GC1538R took 1 year 5 months for a FTF - it's not a puzzle and was found by 3 non cachers before a genuine cacher find. One was a non caching friend who explained how he had found this odd box, having no idea it was there. By the way we have yet to find it but it is on the to do list.

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This is an interesting topic. It would be cool if there was a way to search oldest unfound cache in your state or country.


I have a cache GC1538R that is currently unfound after 3.5 months. With winter approching up here in Canada, good chance it will be until May or June (or longer) before it is found. That would make it 10+ months. I would definatly like to be able to compare this to others in my area.

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