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Carousel Lion Geocoin


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Sales of this coin will be open to the public - it will be announced through my newsletter as to the sale date when I have the tracking number.


A Carousel Lion Sales thread will be opened on these forums to announce the sale date 24hours in advance for those not on my mailing list.


Not happy with the purplish mane on the brown lion - so I changed that color - also, each lion color will have different colored stones - mint is fixing that too.


As I said in my photo post - these color schemes do not match the metal platings - I wanted the samples to be different than the production coins.



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ok, here goes a kneejerk personal opinion from a lion fanatic... :)


first ...will I buy these coins? yes,...dumb question... :)


do I like them? ...yes, they look great! ...on a scale from 1-10, I'd give them a 8... :)



*remember, I'm entitle to my opinion....*



what would make them a 10 in your opinion? ...give the black and white version a different color mane than the body in both coins... :)



you mention that you don't like the way the purple came out ...I think the color change actually makes it a better looking coin... B)


any color change between the body and mane would make these look totally awesome, whether it be a slight shade difference or as different as mixing the black and white... a white lion with black mane would rock! :D



I certainly hope I haven't offended anyone by having an opinion... you know what they say, opinions are like.... well you know! :huh:


I'll still buy them as they are regardless... I've been waiting for these for awhile... something tells me my monthly coin budget just hit the garbage can! ... ;);):)

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These are beautiful coins that I am hoping to be able to purchase. I also like the horses as well, but I don't have any. I am hoping to get the horses sometime. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for the carousel lion sale.


I agree with LionsLair. I think that different colored manes for both the black and white lion would bring them out more.

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Yeah I agree with what was said above too, but with that being said...


I have all the horses (because I couldn't pick just one!)


And I NEED all those lions!! How gorgeous!!! :laughing: I will need a new carousel for them to be displayed properly - like my horses are (thanks ATMouse! ;) )


Dagnabbit - so much for not needing coins anymore :);)

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Well, like I said - these are NOT the production run photos - these are the samples, as I was trying different color combination's with different platings.


I can't wait for the production run pictures....


~Thanks for the comments - - I was more or less checking for the mold and textures with these samples.. to make sure it was correct.



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Yeah I agree with what was said above too, but with that being said...


I have all the horses (because I couldn't pick just one!)


And I NEED all those lions!! How gorgeous!!! :laughing: I will need a new carousel for them to be displayed properly - like my horses are (thanks ATMouse! :anicute: )


Dagnabbit - so much for not needing coins anymore :P:o




Just ask, ya silly! What are friends for, eh?


And I gotta agree about the black lion...what if you put clear epoxy over the mane part? - a black lion with a silver mane!!!


An someday I want the AE version of the horses...sigh...ya gotta have something to lust after, I suppose.

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I'm happy to inform you all that the Carousel Lions are IN PRODUCTION right now...

....I ran into a snag, but should have the Carousel Lions in hand by the end of the month (knock on wood).




I'm just trying to get some ducks in a row as I see many wanted coins going on sale soon and would like to know if these have been delayed further? ...budgeting coins is getting harder these days with all the great designs... any info would be appreciated! :(

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proudly presents the

2nd in the Carousel series.


Carousel Lion Geocoins




Don’t miss the new “Carousel Lion” geocoins available at Geocoindesign.com in

2 regular editions, 1 Limited Edition and 1 XLE Edition.



Polished Gold Brown/Purple



Black Nickel White/Purple



Satin Gold LE Version Brown/Green



Satin Silver XLE Black/Purple/Red


These coins will be available at our webstore Sept 27th, 6:00pm, US PACIFIC TIME.


Coin specifications:


1.75” Die cut coin

Translucent Enamels & Imitation Hard Enamels

Inset Stone

Hanging Loop


Custom Icons


The initial run consists of 350 coins with an entire run of up to 750 total possible.


The initial breakdowns are as follows:


135 Polished Gold (Brown Lion/Purple trappings)

135 Black Nickel (White Lion/Purple trappings)

60 LE Satin Gold (Brown Lion/Green trappings)

20 XLE Satin Silver with Glitter (Black Lion w/Purple trappings)


The regular edition coins will be priced at $12.00 USD

LE Satin Gold will be priced at $15.00 USD

ONLY 10 XLEs will be made available to the public, and will only be bundled in SETS.




Orders that reach checkout simultaneously will be awarded to the

earlier order number. Subsequent orders for this set will be refunded.


Additionally, if multiple set orders are received by the same customer,

ALL sets ordered by that customer will be refunded and placed back in the store.

By ordering this set, you agree to these terms.


The LEs will NOT be reminted.


Enjoy and Good Luck!!



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Ours arrived today, they're sweet! I'm really glad we scored the whole set but I'm torn between the Polished gold and the Black Nickel for my favorite. The wife likes the Satin Gold.


Wish that D--N deer hadn't screwed up so much plastic on my bike, it's putting the pinch on my coin budget! :lol: I'd love to have a couple of spares.


And it's already time to start setting a few dollars aside for the next one :lol: YAY!!!


My guess is it's going to be Christmas Reindeer and the XXLE, super special version will be Rudolph complete with a blinking red nose like the little winker on the GCC nameplate coin. :) And since I picked it out of the air before anyone else I'm going to get the first one! Or not. :anibad:


Thanks Geocoin Guy, nice coins!

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I have been researching this myself, and I think there are only four. I know that I have seen pictures of them all, but today I can only find three of them on Google image search. Personally I still miss both the LE and the XLE, but I have a spare of the BN/purple one, I think. What about you, are you also searching?

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